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Homeschool Q&A; #071404

First off, let me give congratulations to the winner of the July 2004 drawing for the homeschool cookbook on CD: Sally Studdiford

Now, right on to Q&A; and comments from the mailbag:

Q: Hello to you> I have a question that I hope you can help me with.  A friend of mine is going to start homeschooling his 12 yr. old son, He is a truck Driver by trade and is very excited to take his son with him,  My question is, is there any laws that he needs to be aware of since he is going to teach from his truck??  Thank ever so much for your help>  Kala Barthram

A: Hi Kala - I haven't ever heard of any restrictions on location of homeschooling. It doesn't have to be in the home. Some states have requirements of how many hours per day of instruction, some require courses of study, etc., so as long as the state requirements are fulfilled, that's all that matters. You can let me know the state if you need more info or see if your state is already list at

Q: Laura, I really enjoy receiving your email everyday! I get alot out of it & I hope to soon be able to order your cookbook. It sounds great! I was wondering if you could tell me how you are able to homeschool your children & help out with the family business, too? Plus all the other things we Mom's have to, cooking, running errands, etc.....? I have 2 daughters that I homeschool & I have a part time job that I do ususally 1 or 2 days a week. I find it very hard & overwhelming to keep up with everything. Do you ever feel like that & if so, what do you do? Thanks for reading this! Terri

A: Terri, very good question and one that you can ask for a lot of people - think about some people who couldn't possibly do everything they have to do in one day by themselves. People who get way more done than I do: Oprah Winfrey, President Bush, Martha Stewart, etc.

There are a few basic principles:

1. Duplicate and delegate. There is no way that you can physically manufacture enough hours in the day to do everything yourself, so you have to increase the number of people working on your stuff! I have manuals, an office assistant, an answering service, housecleaners do my house twice a week, families that work on my mail outs and order fulfillments.

2. YOU only do what's the most important to you or your unique ability. The rest gets delegated out or deleted.

3. Start saying "no." When you say "yes" or allow something into your life, you are saying "no" to something else. Only say "yes" to the things that are the most important - like family and children.

4. Plan. Begin every day at least a half hour early to gather your thoughts, pick 1-2 things that are important to do that will lead you to your goals, and pick 3-5 things that are urgent to get done or that are weighing on your mind. I have certain days of the week that are assigned certain tasks, certain tasks that I do everyday, and some tasks that get done very two - three weeks.

5. Create systems - have systems for things others do so that when they are gone, someone else can fill in that gap with minimal effort.

6. Stay healthy. Eat right and exercise. You'll need the mental and physical energy.

7. Use personal coaches - I don't have a personal trainer right now, though I used to. But I do have 3 business coaches. They keep you on focus, on track, accountable, and helping you streamline and get more done with less effort.

Yes, I do have a lot going on in my life! :-) And, yes, I still have moments when I feel overwhelmed. Mostly when I start to lose control and move away from the things listed above. And it's taken me 7 years to learn and implement these 7 principles. And I have more to do and more to learn.

And even in your situation, you'll find it surprising easy to find ways to delegate - like a teen who would love to come to your house twice a week to do laundry for a fee that you can afford so that you can go on a picnic or something with your family.

Try to creatively come up with solutions - but don't forget to give yourself some personal time to recharge too! As moms, we give and give and give emotionally and physically to the ones we love; and we have to recharge to have more to spread around.
Much good luck to you!!

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And, now - on to some comments from recent articles:

Regarding "The Power of the Written Word":
"Dear Laura,
This is Davina, & I just read the power of the written word. It is so true,, everything that u said. I use to write things down all the time, & I can still feel the emotions from the words & events that happened when I read my notes. I can remember where I was when I wrote it, & how I felt.
I appreciate your little inserts you send to me. They are really helpful. I will start a journal again. I never thought about writing my dreams down, & most of the time I try to rem. what happened in my sleep. Lately I have been getting dreams that I have dreamnt like the month before. I think I will also try a prayer list. This was one of the messages that you have sent ot me that has really grabbed my attention. I think I should react to this message now. Thanks alot. God Bless You & Yours. Sin., Davina

Regarding "A Public Teacher Gives Reasons to Homeschool":
"Laura, I just read your note about the reasons a public school teacher would homeschool. As a former public school teacher and the mother of a daughter who did kindergarten and first grade in public school, I most certainly agree with this teacher. I commend her for encouraging your husband and not shooting lots of intimidating questions his way. This teacher needs a big hug from all us homeschooling parents who REALLY need pats on the back sometimes. When I was in the trenches of public school I said many a time that I wouldn't teach my own children because God wasn't leading us there. I have two older sisters who have been homeschooling for MANY years. I never felt fully supportive of their choices BUT I realize now that I was always a bit envious of the family "closeness" I saw in their homes. As we have just completed our first year of homeschooling, those two sisters are some of my loudest "cheerleaders". I thank God for all the prayers I know they sent up for us. I believe that the decision to homeschool is a personal family choice between parents and God, BUT I also believe that more parents should consider it. One thing that has struck me hard this year is the variety of curriculums and resources out there. I know LOTS of homeschooling families and I don't think I know two families that are educating their children the exact same way. Some even use different methods and texts with different children within the same family. I stand up and applaud this!!!!! All of us are unique. We have unique personalities and unique learning styles. Yet in a traditional school setting, we expect one type of curriculum and sometimes, one method of teaching to successfully educate a huge number of children. Even when modifications are made for special needs students ( I taught students with learning and behavior special needs for 7 years.), the basic system is still the same. I wish I knew then what I know now. Maybe I would have been a better public school teacher. I love the privilege of teaching my children. I love the challenge of discovering what makes them tick and what keeps them motivated. Thank you for all the messages you send out that inspire and encourage us all to keep on looking UP and reaching OUT. Because He Lives, M."

Regarding "How Being a Protective Mom Can Hurt Your Kids"

"Thank you for that wonderful word of encouragement. Most of the time I feel I am allowing my four to "fail forward", but it doesn't hurt to be reminded of the confidence that comes when they succeed. Nancy in Sturgis, SD"

"Thank You!!! for this letter. I feel like I have to protect my kids, but I know that I can't always be there. That they have to have in God and in themselves to face challenges no matter what they might be. THANK YOU, Laura, once again for your encouraging letters. Sandy from IN."

Thank you all for your comments. It is an honor and privilege to be a help and encouragement to you.

Laura Bankston

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Tamie said...

I am in Missouri and our law states you have to 600 hours in the 'regular' homeschool place and the Other 400 hours can be anywhere.
Now they do not state where or what the regular homeschool place is or should be! So if that is the case the a truck can be considered the 'regular' homeschool place! Be sure to check the laws in you state and keep good records - unfortunately the government may be lurking about!

6:41 AM  

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