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Daily Homeschool Tip: 6/7/04

"How Silently Glory Fades Away"

Saturday I spent most of the day working, the television off.

Which in and of itself was I suppose in synch with Friday's article, "The Ultimate Love Test Is Anything But" and the reader comments in Sunday's articles.

But I wish I would have had the television on.  The T.V.'s on today and I still haven't heard anything about it...




Whipping Egg Whites Quickly-Add a teaspoon of cold water.  This will cause the egg whites to beat more quickly and also increase the volume of the egg whites


My husband came home with the news that our great President Ronald Reagan passed away.  My heart was truly saddened.


I can still remember when he became President.  In fact, since I was born in 1968, he's really the first one that I really remember - and really remember paying attention to the election and his Presidency.


My heart goes out to his family.  I'm sure these last few years were difficult with the Alzheimer's from which he was suffering.


But what saddens me more was that it was so easy for me to not immediately hear the news of his passing.  Such a great man, who accomplished so much for our country, slipped away so silently like an ordinary man that he also was.


In honor to President Reagan, I've posted a "Great President" lesson plan


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