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Today's Special

Ebenezer Scrooge’s Christmas 

A Dramatic Reading


Marietta Knight


only $4.95 (Reg. $9.95)



I remember when Nathan started reading.  It was so exciting, but all monotone! 


One day, I explained to him about reading and trying to make it sound like someone is talking - with some expression, you know?  It was actually kind of difficult to explain.


But, when he's playing - and pretending that he's different characters - he has no problem at all!  He's an expressive maniac!


It's just that way.  Kids naturally can take on the role of a character and show all the dramatic flair of a Hollywood actor.


And that same dramatic flair is carried over into reading when you're reading as a character in a story - like reading a play script.


That's why these little "mini-plays" are so great!  The kids love to read like they are the actual character. a bonus...they are being exposed to good literature and vocabulary at the same time!  I just love it when I have one more thing that the kids see as just plain ole "fun" - but it gets in some great education at the same time!


So, enjoy some creative fun - some great, expressive, dramatic reading - or an imaginative "mini play"...the options and opportunities are endless!


  • Set up in "play" script format to teach true dramatic reading

  • Practice reading with inflection without being bored

  • Adapted to hold interest of elementary ages

  • Structured to make a great "mini play" - only your imagination is your limit

  • e-book format gives you instant access and ability to print additional copies for each family member involved.

Only $4.95 as Today's Special Value (Reg. $9.95)

Instant Download for Instant Access and NO SHIPPING CHARGES!



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