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Daily Homeschool Tip:  6/8/04


"Would Someone Wait Over 7 Hours to See You?"


     Today at the Reagan Library in California, people are spending 7 hours in a car, three hours in line, just to file past the casket of President Ronald Reagan to pay respect to his political service, his character, and his life. 


As of 6 a.m., over 40,000 have made this journey. 


He made an impact.


He made great memories for us as Americans.


What memories do you have?  Hopefully great childhood memories like I do.  If you don't, then you are probably even more driven to make good memories for your children.


     I can remember spending hours in the kitchen with Mom (and alone), cooking, talking, and making special things for my Dad J. Not that I EVER liked doing the dishes - still don't- but cooking was a way for me to express love to others.


     Sometimes just thinking back on my childhood brings tears of joy and sadness--joy of having had such loving, caring parents; sadness at being separated by the miles.


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June 2004 Winner Vicky Flowers, Anchorage, AK


One of the saddest days of my life will be when I have to say good-bye to my parents for the last time.  I will gladly make the 12 hour plane trip - I would wait 7 hours or longer just to be able to see them for 15 minutes.


I have the comfort of the wonderful memories they gave me, and I will never be able to do enough to show my love and thanks for what they gave me.


Always having time to talk with me.  Always listening.  Always doing family activities - mostly 20 mile bike rides that I hated; but hey, even that is pleasant now to look back on.


They did this for the same reason I do this and for the same reason you do this:  NOTHING is more important than our children.


And I've set aside a lot of my personal goals to make sure that they will have good memories.


So, yesterday when I was making blueberry pancakes for breakfast and Maegan was begging,

     "Can I watch, Mom?"

     "Can I stir?"

     "Can I see?"


I wanted so desperately just to get through breakfast and onto all that I had to do; but I stopped.  I let her sit on the counter and stir.  She might not remember that particular moment; but she'll remember that I stopped to spend time with her and let her satisfy her seemingly inborn curiosity and exploration associated with cooking with Mom!


So, today, create a positive memory for your kids; it the cumulative affect of the everyday things we do that count.


Laura Bankston

P.S. Happy memories aren't made by chance.  They are the accumulation of everyday expressions of love.  President Reagan is being remembered today for the memories he gave us as Americans.  It's no different with us with our kids.  What we do today - and everyday - will be what they will remember later.  And with young ones, the easiest way is to cook with our kids.  Click here to get your cookbook now - it's never to late to start making good memories!

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"Hi Laura, I'm Tina Grady another homeschooling Mom I wanted to thank you for personalizing your e-mails to me sometimes I need that".... "Well what I am driving at is that even us parents that are homeschooling learn a great deal everyday thru our children and what God wants us to learn. I live in Tennessee - I have to admit that there are times that i feel trapped and alone homeschooling; but I'm sure that everyone feels that way every now and then. Well I look forward to learning more about Alaska and teaching my children about this Beautiful place that you live in. Have a great day. "

"Thank you Laura for your words....I really needed to read them at this very moment. -Heather Holston"


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