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Homeschooling Parents:  Partners or Opponents?


This morning I read an email.


It was something I hadn't even considered before.  I guess I always took it for granted.


You see, my husband is my partner.  When we do something, we do it together.  The duties may belong to one or another - or they may be shared; but we've always worked as a team toward our goals.


And here I sat reading about a family where the wife wants to homeschool and the husband doesn't. 


That's quite a dilemma.


To me, it would be awful to feel so strongly about wanting to homeschool my children and not have any support from my spouse.


Should you homeschool if your spouse doesn't agree? 


It does make me think about what I might do in that situation.  But whatever I might "suppose" would be unrealistic since I haven't faced that situation. 


But I do believe in the philosophy that a house divided against itself can't stand.  And I do believe that the husband is the head of the household.  I don't see how homeschooling could be successful if both parents aren't for it.


The marital conflict would do more harm than the homeschooling could possibly accomplish.

And I believe that a strong home is the surest foundation for a family - and that children can grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord even in the midst of secular education. 

Now, on to the Q&A for today:


I posted earlier that I was worried about my kids losing the sports if I homeschooled. I talk to my son and he is thrilled with the idea of being homeschooled. Now where do I start to find a program??


L.B.  There are many opportunities for sports.  Many public schools are required to allow homeschoolers to participate in sports just as if they were enrolled there (if you'd still want them in that environment) - but that too depends on your state.  There are also programs that you should be able to find in your community for baseball, soccer, football, etc.  We are just starting our boys next week in a soccer league.  Just ask around - maybe start with your local YMCA or YWCA.



You may remember Donna from yesterday - she was the clever one who left the ice cream recipe out for her daughter.  Well, she asked me if we are planting seeds this year....


So, here's what I wrote her back:

You know, Donna, seeds don't do so well here in Alaska unless you start them inside before spring.  My attempt to grow tomatoes was a disaster! :-)  I didn't know that you need a greenhouse here for them to really grow well.  We waited all summer and just got a few small green balls.  It was pretty pitiful.

Although I have talents in many areas, growing things is not really one of them.  I do successfully plant flowers each year - they do very well in Alaska considering that it's light almost 24 hours a day.  In fact, it's 10:32 p.m. right now and it's not even dusk yet.  I LOVE IT!


Laura Bankston

P.S. Planting and keeping plants alive is not my specialty!  I'm the one that buys the "no fail" kits or the plants that are guaranteed to live for a year!  If you have the same challenge with cooking but your kids love it, then the Homeschool Cooking in a Box is perfect for you!  I made it "fail safe" for people like me! Click Here to get yours now.  It's not too late - these recipes won't make your home into a hothouse!



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