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What Children Really Need


Did you hear the appalling news? Some public school students were exposed to some visual and auditory graphic violence. Obviously, they don't know what children really need.  Read the article posted on my sister site:

Now onto some Q&A:

Dear Laura, What are 'credits' and how can I give them to my highschooler? Excuse the ignorance. Roy

L.B. Hi, Roy, and welcome! Colleges and High Schools use 'credits' as a means of tracking to be sure that a certain amount of education has been received in a field. For example, a high school student may be required to have 9 credits in History, which would mean that they had to have that amount of education in history. They could take three classed that were worth three credits each.

However, as a homeschooler, you can't give official credits. Some homeschoolers use a homeschool service or charter school that is able to hold records and give an official transcript. Some have their teens take the GED. What you need to do is check and see what your state requires and what the college will require for entrance from a homeschool student.

I am interested in the guidelines for homeschooling an LD and MR child. Public Schools award special education students with diplomas, is there anything required except for the children to work at the level they are able too and indicate on the transcript they are a special needs student.? Rhonda

L.B.: Hi Rhonda. This too depends on what your state requires and what your child plans to do. There are so many ways to answer, that it is probably best to direct you to  so that you can select your specific special need and get more information.

That's it for today,


Laura Bankston

P.S. Do you think your children should be exposed to everything? See what Children really need:

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