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Encouraging Words

Aren't encouraging words wonderful? I got some this week with a few testimonials from some people who just received their product. That sure makes me feel good. To see them, click here. They sure do make my day better, and I appreciate it. Thanks so much!

So, this week, my goal is going to be to encourage someone everyday - guess who's today? he, he - YOU!

You are a hardworking, caring person; and you deserve to have positive people around you too. It's amazing how words from positive people can brighten the darkest day.

Yes, there are some people in life that we choose to help; but there are those who do nothing but complain and drain your positive energy. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do but lovingly distance yourself and focus your time and energy where fruit will abound.

As iron sharpeneth iron, those closest to you should be the ones that improve who you are and what you do.

Hello! For canned soups, stews, etc. (if I can remember!), I refrigerate the cans first for the grease to harden on top, then I open the can and scoop out the fat.
Thanks for YOUR tips!!! Heather Holston, Livermore CA

Hi, Laura, When I cook ground beef, I also boil a pot of water. A doctor on the radio recommended that boiling water poured over cooked ground beef removes about 97% of the fat. I catch the pour-off in a pot or pan under the colander that holds the beef; then I put it in the refrigerator so the tallow hardens on top (for removal later). Then the stock may be used. The tallow may be used by soap and candle makers. (Does anyone have a candle dipping recipe?) Love, Donna


Thanks for sending in the additional ways to remove fat. I'm collecting all of these so that I'll have a place for all of you to access the tips later.

Can anyone help Donna with a candle dipping recipe? That actually sounds really interesting. If you do, please reply and send it in to share with the group.

Well, until next time...

Laura Bankston

P.S. Surround yourself with positive people and share positive words with those around you.

P.P.S. If anyone has a candle dipping recipe for Donna, please send it in and I'll post it for the group.

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