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Atkins Pushes to End “Sugar Shoveling”

I learned some very interesting statistics this week. 

I was sitting here at the computer, reading some articles; and I came across one that said that kids get more cavities from drinking pop than from anything else.  That thought stuck in my head – I wish that I had kept that page in my favorites so that I could go back and reference it now.

Then, I came across another interesting article today on the Atkins website.  I was surfing around because I’ve been fascinated with this sudden surge back to the Atkins diet.  And how everyone is jumping on the bandwagon – like Subway with their Atkins friendly wraps and other major brands/restaurants.  I think even T.G.I. Friday’s has an Atkins friendly menu too.

Well, anyway, I read that with the typical American diet, we shovel into our mouths the equivalent of 20 teaspoons of sugar.  Wow.  That’s a lot.  I can just picture my sitting at the table eating a bowl of sugar.  I would NEVER do that intentionally. 

And of that equivalent of 20 teaspoons of sugar, 60% of that comes from soda and other sugary beverages.  Yikes.  That’s me.

I know that when I cut soda out of my diet, I immediately drop 5 pounds.  Have you ever tried that?

The problem is that I LIKE it, so I always end up starting to drink it again.  But if I picture myself eating a bowl of sugar……I think that mental image will do a lot to keep myself and my kids away from it.



Laura Bankston


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