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Lessons From Scrambled Eggs


This morning I made scrambled eggs for breakfast. I'm not particularly fond of them; but I married a man who can eat a dozen at a time, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week because he loves them so much. And my kids love them too.

So, I made the eggs and took and bite and said, 'mmm. These actually taste good today.'

My son who always asks questions, said, 'Why?'

'Well,' I began, 'I used real butter today and a little salt, and I think it made them taste pretty good.'

'Is that why yours taste better than mine?' he asked, 'I use butter but I don't put in salt.'

I could see that we were off on another learning adventure; but I really had to force myself since it takes me a good three hours to be totally awake :-).

I explained how a little salt can bring out the flavor in food; and then we ended up way down the road, talking about how we are supposed to be the salt of the Earth.


Do your children direct their education? You'll be amazed at how questions while cooking will give you the opportunity to teach your kids other things that interest them. Especially if you have 'trigger' topics to get it going:


I was quite proud of myself, thinking what a great job I had done teaching an abstract concept.

Well, at least I was feeling pretty good for a few seconds until Nathan explained it back to me.

'Mom, you mean that salt flavors eggs and eggs flavor the Earth?'

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow....

Hamburger Tips:

You can make burgers extra juicy when you make a pocket in the middle for butter mixed with garlic and salt

If you have problems getting the centers done, make them with a hole in the middle (a little one when shaping them). The burgers will cook faster and the hole will disappear.


And now to some client comments:

Laura, I am a homeschooling mother and a Southern Baptist and have just found out about the idea which is being presented. I was appalled to say the least. I am a very conservative Christian who stands on biblical issues and don't mind voicing my concerns and beliefs. I think that is why the world has gotten so horrible, because we haven't taken a stand for Christ. I plan to speak with my pastor and our representatives to the 2004 conference. If our denomination were to take this stand, what would be the difference in us and the Catholics who believe they answer to their priests and the Pope? We must go before our God and God alone! Praise God that we have direct access to Him and He will lead to conviction by His Holy Spirit. I believe this is one man or a small group who has this opinion and I am sure it will not come to a vote at the convention. Susan

L.B.: Susan, thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you realize that even people who are taking a stand for what we believe that we still have watch out for the little things. And I'm glad that you are strong and proud to stand for what you believe in!

Hi! My name is Shannon Hartwick. I am a single mom of 4 children (three school age) I send my children to public school because unfortunately, I have to work too many hours to home school. However, I have a fourth grader who needs to go to summer school and we are in the middle of trying to move to a new area. So I was hoping to get some help in being able to teach her at home as we 'move' so she will be ready for 5th grade. I am worried she will 'fall between the cracks' and have to be held back. We need help in reading and math. Thank you, Shannon

L.B. Boy, I hope your move goes well, Shanon! I'm thankful I haven't had to do that yet - we moved five times the first two years we were married (due to the military) ; but have been here for the last 13 years. Have you gone to  and visited the Homework Help page? It has some links for free resources that may help you get the extra practice in Math that youï¿œre looking for.

Laura, this is very true when a door closes a window opens my family always laughs because thats my line GOD IS GREAT!! he always finds another opening for us and makes us look at the WHOLE picture I work on that alot with my kids Madalyn 3 and Natalee 6 months I need some more info on this cook book were to send for it and how much thank you Heather Wells from Mass.

L.B.: Heather, you kids will be light years ahead of me because it was only a few years ago that I was able to stop seeing the closed door and look for the window. Unfortunately, some people always see an obstacle as a 'failure' or an 'impossibility' and don't realize that there is an opportunity associated with every obstacle. The order options for the cookbook (there are 3 now) are at:  with info also to order by fax and mail and phone. Thank you for your support!

Well, I have a bunch more to share; but will save them for another day :-)

Homeschooling today for my kids future,

Laura Bankston

P.S. Today, some simple scrambled eggs led us on a learning adventure. Your child will direct learning through there questions. You just have to know how to listen for it or help get it started. If you've not experienced that yet, it's not to late!  can get you started today.

P.P.S. Feel free to send in your Homeschool Questions. Simple reply to this email and it will get back to me, or send them to [email protected] .

P.P.P.S. We are currently building our curriculum page, and need your reviews to provide useful information to new homeschoolers. I'm getting all kinds of questions about curriculum and you are really the best source of answers for that! Submit your review now:  . Thanks for your help!

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