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From the Horse's Mouth

Public School Teacher Gives Reasons to Homeschool


Some of you may know - and some of you may not - that my husband and I own a professional carpet cleaning business.  Well, we do :-).


And today, being Saturday, our eldest son Nathan got to go work with Dad.  He is such a hard worker, pulling hoses, and running to the truck to get things for Dad.


It's a good opportunity to learn good work ethics from his hard working Dad.


Well, when they got back, my husband Wade told me a very interesting story.


One of the clients that he cleaned for today is a public school teacher. 


While they were in her home, they got to talking; and Wade told her how we homeschool.  He was kinda expecting to get some flack since she is, after all, a public school teacher.


You can imagine how Wade's jaw dropped when she told him that if she had kids, she would have them homeschooled.  She thinks that every family should homeschool.  And here's the reasons she gave:


1.  The bullying that goes on from other students

2.  The poor quality of education


I can definitely agree with her there.


Then she went on to tell Wade that the average public school student will only have one excellent teacher over a 10 year span.  So, considering a kid is only in school for 13 years, he's lucky to get one good teacher. 


Now, I don't know where that statistic came from, or even if it is accurate; but it DID come from a public school teacher.


Very interesting, huh?  I thought so too.


Anyway, on to some QnA:


Hi there,
My name is Melanie and I got on your email mailing list somehow, evidently I signed up.  I have been on so may sites getting info on homeschooling that I honestly don't remember.  :)
Anyways, what exactly do you do and offer?  I am going to be homeschooling my son in the fall. I am really excited about it and am overwhelmed with joy at all the information out there. Any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for your time!!


L.B.:  Hi Melanie.  Well, since I'm not a spammer :-), you do have to sign up to get on my list of daily tips and news.  I have several homeschool products, but the one you are signed up for is the cooking with kids product: , and the website also shows the other homeschool products that are available.


Congratulations on deciding to homeschool!  I know I was really excited, then overwhelmed, then adjusted, and then was thrilled again.  I think a lot of us make the mistake of getting too much conventional curriculum when there are so many real life learning situations that are more fun, aid in family bonding, and are remembered much longer.


You can also find useful information here:


Much fun and good luck to you!



Dear Laura, can you give me some names of story books for my 3 year old daughter? bye

L.B.  Supriya:  Hi.  You know, if I were you, I'd just take her down to the library to pick up some book, or go to the library story time or puppet show time.  Or just pick out some things that you have around the home. 

Three year olds aren't picky.  They just want the snuggle closeness, intellectual stimulation, and opportunity to work on those motor skills of turning pages.

Some of my favorites are "The Hungry Catepillar" and "Where the Wild Things Grow".  I still remember them from my childhood and got them for my kids.  I don't really know that it's the stories themselves - probably just the warm feeling I have associated with them. 

I also read my kids Bible stories which I didn't get when I was a child.  Have fun!


Laura I dont know who this Susan is that wrote to you BUT I just want to say GOD BLESS her and her church I belong to the Brockton of Assembley of god church in MASS our state is in mess with the one man one woman my 3 year old watch tv at 10am and PRAYS with the 700 club I just had Madalyn and Natalee dedicated last sunday so Sue its nice to see there is other people out there spreading the Lords word GOD BLESS !!!  LAURA eggs I have a home in Mexico my husband is keeping house I am here just for a fed owcp case since 1989 I worked in a va hosp so I have a hearing  in boston so I am staying with my mom and dad here I am 37 year old with my  parents than I can go back home in Mexico EVERY DAY ITS EGGS oh how gross I cant stand it  they even put tuna fish in them GROSS even my husband gets sick he was in the US  for 23 years now we are going back I take a look around and see how kids are here I rather see mine in Mexico its a nice area we have FORD MOTOR CO. and the coke cola co and 2 big walmart were here in mass we just got one now( I have eplipsey I drop my 23 day old baby on th floor I am praying that I get a back pay from owcp on june 21 so anyone out that has pray chain please add me thank you have a nice day HEATHER WELLS )      GOD BLESS


L.B.:  Heather, I've been there!!  3 months after we were married, the military sent us to the Philippines for two years.  Anyway, we were so broke.  We had a grocery budget of $30 for every TWO WEEKS!  We would buy the 50 lb bags of rice because that was so cheap and eat RICE, RICE, RICE.  And, oh, back then, all I made was sticky, slimy rice.  Finally some national friends took pity on me on showed me how to cook rice!  But one benefit - we stayed thin!  Hang in there!  You will be in my prayers tonight.


Thanks for sharing the information it was very uplifting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


L.B.  You're very welcome!!


Well, that's it for today.  Have a great one!


Laura Bankston

P.S.  If you're starting to look for curriculum for summer, you need to go to for products that teach your children the homeschool way - not the "school books and seat work at home" way.


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Laura Bankston is author of Internationally selling Cooking with Kids Curriculum:  ï¿œHomeschool Cooking in a Boxï¿œ and the ï¿œHomeschool Cookbookï¿œ.  She currently home schools her three children, maintains home school support websites, and manages their family-owned service business.  For information on her curriculum and free home school support services, please visit


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