Homeschool Cooking With Kids

Easy, Kid-Friendly Recipes For  Cooking With Your Kids


Internationally Selling  "Cooking with Kids" Curriculum That Uses  Easy, Kid-Friendly Recipes

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Here's What Smart Parents Like You Have to Say about the Homeschool Cookbook



"Hey the site was really easy to access around and the cookbook not only great with yummy, easy, recipes but colorful pictures also.. I really think this is a great idea for adults as well as children...What a great Idea.  I'm going to tell others about this cookbook.. thank you."

Catherine, Michigan

"I just HAD to have this cookbook.  My daughter and I tried to make stuff to blow bubbles and it was a flop.  But, when we got your recipes, we followed your easy instructions.  We made bubble juice, it worked great, and we had the biggest blast ever!  And you know what was so cool?  Ziona did it in the kitchen all by herself - just the photos would have been enough for her.  All I did was peek around the corner every once in a while.  We've had other kids recipe books - with few pictures and cute cartoon characters - but nothing as good as this EVER!"


Josephina King, Anchorage, Alaska

"Thanks, Laura!  With your cooking system, I was able to teach both my 10 year old and my 3 year old to cook.  I never thought a curriculum could be so easy and so fun with my kids learning without them even knowing it.  I knew from the first moment that this was the best thing in years and that every mom needs to have it!"

Jo Cavanaugh, New Mexico


"Hi Laura,  We received the cookbook and the kids are anxious to try some recipes! Thanks for the hard work that went into the creation of it!"

Kim Brown, Carrollton, Texas


"My cookbook on CD is on it's way!  I can't wait for Tessa to have it.  She doesn't homeschool; but we work with her at home on reading.  I know that this will be so fun for her.  And when she reads and does it on her own, she'll get some confidence - it will be the boost she needs!"

Scott Smith, Linden, Michigan

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