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FREE Math Worksheet:  Scripture Decoding Fun!

Hi - I hope that all went well today with your homeschooling!

As I sit here on the sofa, I look out my window and see the sunshine reflecting off the snow and watch smoke curling out of a fireplace chimney. It is just happy and cheerful out today.

Well, maybe it's just me feeling happy and cheerful today!

Anyway, Nathan and Ryan have been into "codes" lately. And we've been passing back and forth papers with messages and a code to crack. We do give a hint as to the pattern of the coding, but you still have to think about it.

When sharing one with their Dad, Wade said, "You know, when we were in high school, your Mom would write me notes in code that I had to figure out."

I had completely forgotten about that! Poor Wade...he must have really liked me to spend hours trying to figure out the code and the letter I had written! I didn't even give him a clue as to the pattern of the code.

Do your kids like codes? Well, today I created a simple one that just takes addition and subtraction knowledge to cover a range of elementary ages and have posted it on the Homeschool Cookbook home page for anyone to use:

So, if you have little de-coders running around your house, print this sheet and let them have some fun, practice math, and end up with a Scripture to memorize or just talk about.

Laura Bankston


Laura Bankston is author of the Cooking with Kids Curriculum:  “Cooking With Kids System In a Box” and the “Homeschool Cookbook”.  She currently home schools her three children, maintains home school support websites, and manages their family-owned service business.  For information on her curriculum and free home school support services, please visit

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