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Email Newsletter Advertising



This is a one-time inclusion in one regular email newsletter.  Specific dates may be requested.  Payment is required in advance.  Only seven ad spots are guaranteed per week, first come/first served basis.


After checkout, you'll be taken to the form to complete your ad submission.



  • Homeschool Moms

  • Mostly Elementary Age Students

  • Subscribers predominately U.S. and Canadian

  • All subscribers have "opted-in" to receive the newsletter


200 words including Headline and URL




150 words including Headline and URL


100 words including Headline and URL


 50  words including Headline and URL



 Email Mini-ad, Headline plus 2 lines, only $79

            Headline up to 60 characters/spaces

            2nd line up to 60 characters/spaces

            3rd line up to 60 characters/spaces

            Note:  URL is included in the line/character count. 



 "Visit our Sponsor" mention:  name & link

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Email newsletter advertising is sent in text format.  We reserve the right to decline advertising that we determine to be in competition with our products/services or to be offensive to our client database.



Website Advertising


This is not a ï¿œclick throughï¿œ charge advertising.  This is a flat rate with unlimited click-through.


Banner Ads




Button Ads Home Page:



Button Ads Any Page Except Home Page:



Resource Page Link

Your website choice

      3 months $49  

     6 months $99  

     12 months

(options for description and photos at checkout)




Read the Advertising Agreement that will be presented for you to sign upon checkout


If you'd rather place your advertising order over the phone, please email [email protected] with your phone number and time zone for someone to contact you.