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"Here are Some the Great Features and Teaching Tips You'll Enjoy In the Homeschool Cookbook"

Here's some of the great things you'll enjoy:

  • I've tried every cookbook imaginable, and it is so frustrating to try to use one and have to use canned goods or something else heavy to hold the book open.  So, you'll appreciate that this book opens flat for NO HASSLE use.

  • I've tried all kinds of different ways to incorporate learning into the everyday things we do; and cooking offers so many opportunities.  That's why this cookbook has teaching tips and discussion suggestions with every recipe.  Things like shapes and basic fraction concepts for younger adding fractions and history & knowledge facts for older kids.  There's something for everyone in the family.

  • If you've used some books, you might get a few tips at the beginning of the book and maybe even some at the end.  But in this cookbook, you'll use NEW suggestions with each recipe.  PLUS, you'll still have a collective "21 Real Life Learning Suggestions" in the back that you can use anytime, anywhere, for any situation.

  • You may have gotten books for your kids only to realize later that your child wasn't ready for the words inside.  Not with this book.  Each recipe includes the vocabulary list up-front so that you can learn or review any words ahead of time. 

  • And here's my favorite--your child will develop confidence because they CAN  READ all the directions.  That's just icing on the cake!  You'll feel proud too when you hear, "Mom look what I made.  I did it all by myself!"

  • Three years of homeschooling plus 4 years of tutoring dyslexic and hearing impaired students has given me the experience to know how to make things simple and organized.  Children of any age and ability will enjoy doing these recipes with you--even if they only follow the pictures.

  • Some of my friends have spent so many wasted hours on the internet trying to find recipes, only to find they have to spend more time organizing them and deciding where, when, and how to do it.  Not any more!  Everything has been done for you...and they have all been tested by the most discriminating panel of kids--my own.  You only get the favorites that they like to do over and over.

  • I've seen some books that are just have one theme and so you can only find a few to use and the rest are left undone.  But here, you'll have recipes covering snacks, treats, and some cooking crafts.  A great mixture to capture the interests of your varied audience.

  • I'll also teach you the three tricks I learned to let my three kids (ages 2, 6 & 8) all work on the same recipe--STRESS FREE!

  • and much, much, much more...

     And the really BEST part is that I'm even going to give you a list of ingredients BEFORE your book ships so that you can use it as soon as it arrives at your door.

     If your kids are like mine, they start jumping up and down as soon as the postman brings a package to the door.  They all cry, "is it for me?  is it for me?"  And, if it is for them, you know what they want...."Can we do it RIGHT NOW?"

     I don't want your kids to get all excited about the new book that came in the mail, only to be devastated that they have to wait to use it!

     Won't it be cool when you can say, "Yes, let's go do one"?  You'll have everything you need.

You'll Also Get THREE Additional Bonuses

     When you invest in this Homeschool Cookbook right now, you'll also get THREE bonuses - one of which I'm so excited about I'm about to burst...

FREE BONUS #1:  My newest special report "21 Ways to Share Cooking Joy with Those Around You".  With this information, you'll not only be having fun; but also teaching how to give to others.  So many kids I've seen out and about just don't know how to share or give.  I know your kids are being taught the important things of life and what better way than giving them the opportunity to experience the joy of giving.

     And just in case your thinking, "Sure," this will be fun for the kids, but I'll still have a mess to clean up..."

     Hey, don't feel bad.  I'd be thinking the same thing.  But put that thought out of your head this very second because I've got that covered:

FREE BONUS #2:  Your very own "Homeschool Cookbook Drop Cloth".  You'll be able to spread this thin plastic sheet wherever you want so you don't have to worry if your little one starts to stir the flour and sends it across the room.  You'll just pick up your plastic drop cloth and dispose of it.  That easy.  You can use it again or you can toss it in the trash.  Totally up to you.

     But, on to the one I'm so excited about:

While Supplies Last FREE BONUS #3:  A totally FREE children's book.  And this is not just any book.  It's a classic and one of my favorites, Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates, A Story of Life in Holland by Mary Mapes Dodge.  Pretty cool, huh?

     While supplies last, you'll also get this book for free, on CD, with illustrations.  You can read it on your computer or print it out - but I only have 164 copies and am not sure yet about being able to get more.  So, don't wait or you'll miss out! 

     The value of these three bonuses is $30.29

     This a total of over $69 worth of value.  But you'll get all four when you order right now for only $29.95

My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee to You

     The Homeschool Cookbook comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Read it beginning to end, use it, and enjoy the three bonuses.  Try everything risk free - you don't have to decide now.  If all the recipes, strategies, and bonuses aren't helpful; I'll cheerfully refund your money - and you can KEEP all the bonuses

     The next time you go to return a book at the bookstore and ask for a refund, ask them if you can keep the bonuses too.  I think you can see that this is the best guarantee you could possibly find, period.

Here's How It Works

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     Your transaction is secure, using the latest SSL encryption technology and to ensure complete and total privacy and security.  The transaction will be billed to you as Abundant Learning Publications.  The whole transaction takes just a few minutes, and your ingredient link will be emailed to you immediately.

    When you get your package, take a few minutes to browse through and read the tips for practical learning and stress-free cooking. 

     Then go with your "bursting-with-excitement" kids into the kitchen and try a recipe.  Just enjoy your time, and maybe add a few learning techniques into the next one.  See how much fun you'll have...a real time of family bonding and fun, while practicing the skills of reading, following instructions, and sequencing.  You're kids will be begging for more!

So, What About You?

      Here again is all your going to get:

       You'll Get all Four:

1.  The Homeschool Cookbook the 36 Fun and Easy Recipes for Homeschoolers with Step-by-Step photos and Lesson Plans in a "lay-flat" binder with room to place additional recipes from the Homeschool Recipe Club
2.  "21 Ways to Share Cooking Joy Around You" the special report giving practical application for giving to others
  3.  The "Homeschool Cookbook Drop Cloth" so you can have fun without worrying about anything getting on your floor
4.  The CD Book "Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates:  A Story of Life in Holland" the children's classic by Mary Mapes Dodge.  This is in both regualar text format and larger text for advanced early readers that still prefer the larger words

Total Value:  Over $69.00

Your Investment:  Only $29.95 with my 100% no-hassle money back guarantee

     Let me ask you this:  What if this cookbook gives you and your family just ONE special moment that they'll always remember?  Just ONE.  What would that be worth to you?

     It reminds me of that credit card commercial that goes through a list of stuff someone bought and gives the dollar amount and then hits that one at the end that is just "priceless".

     You can't put a value on just one good memory.

     Even the possibility of creating a lasting, warm memory for your children would be worth the investment, right?

     This much is for sure: when your kids are grown and gone - and even before then, if you're like me - you'll wish you had taken more time to have fun with your kids. 

     Let me share one final thought with you.

     I know from experience how you only have a few moments of peace and quiet before you'll be whisked away by your family to take care of them.  So, if you don't do it now, there's very small chance that you'll do it in the future.

Don't Decide Now...

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