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"Multiplication Songs Make Learning Fun!

Your Kids Will Never Be Bored with

Multiplication Recitation Again!"


Math doesn't have to be hard.


It doesn't even have to be boring.


When I was going to school, I absolutely hated and detested Math.  In fact, it's hard for me not to have

that immediate feeling of disgust and dread as I even think about it right now!


So, if you're little one dreads math, or maybe is even like me and would rather take cod liver

oil than memorize multiplication tables, then this will be the most important article you will ever read.


Dear Homeschool Mom:


Hi.  My name is Laura Bankston and I'm a homeschool Mom too.  I'm fortunate in one way, that my

son Nathan is really good at math and just loves it--so I thought!


I was on the phone awhile ago, talking to one of my friends in Texas who homeschooled her now full-grown

kids.  She asked me how homeschooling was going, as she always does 'cause she is such a sweet-heart

and always concerned about our family.


"It's going great this year, Linda!" And I proceeded to tell her some of the things that we were doing and

the things I was excited about.  I told her about Nathan's natural ability at Math, which was really so

weird for me because I avoided Math like the bubonic plague.  In fact, I was so bad at it, that I had to take

bone-head Math in college before I could even take the required classes.  Fortunately I got my act together

and got it figured out and managed to maintain my 4.0 GPA--but that's another story for another time.


Anyway, so we chit-chatted as women do.  But probably a little longer 'cause she just moved to Texas and

I miss her!  You know how it is when a good friend moves away.  It's almost like losing your right arm.


Well, here I go rambling again.


"I Only THOUGHT Her Son Was

Having A Great Experience With Math"


So, I got off the phone and Nathan came over and said,




"What, hun,"  I answered cheerfully cause I was in good mood after talking to Linda.


"You said on the phone that I love Math and I don't."


Well, after I picked myself up off the floor, I decided I'd better ask him about it.  Did I really mis-read him that

badly or was he maybe just looking for attention or maybe was he trying to display false modesty?


(Yes, I do have enough credits for a major in Psychology, so maybe I do over-analyze things a little bit)


"I thought you really loved Math, Nathan.  Why don't you love it?"


"Well, I just don't like it."


Okay.  I was gettin somewhere real fast.  "Well, what would make you love it?"  Maybe that would get me

some inside information.


"Oh, I don't know," he began; but I could tell more was comin', "It's just that's it's so boring..."  Now boring I

could relate too--but I still didn't get it.  "It's just too easy."




Too easy???  Here I'm still thankful we're just doin 2nd grade cause I'm a finger-counter as it is.  Okay.  So,

I needed to re-evaluate this whole math thing a little bit.  I already knew I was using the most advanced

curriculum.  Guess I needed to pick up the pace a little.


"How my 2nd Grader helped

plan his own Math Education"


So, the two of us sat down and came up with a new plan of action.


Now, how many teachers do you know that would sit down with a 2nd grader and let him help plan his

math studies??  When I went to school.  You did what you got or you failed.  Asking for it to be "enjoyable"

was just out of the question.


So, after a long conversation, we decided to do two things:


1.  Skip through the curriculum faster.  It turns out that he loves the variety and colored pages

and activities, he just hated all the unnecessary repetition and just wanted to learn new stuff faster.

That was an easy fix by just skipping through the curriculum we already have.


2.  Make Math fun.  That was a little more difficult for me.  I had to really use my brain 'cause Math

was NEVER fun for me.  But, hey, that's where Nathan helped me out.

  • Math games--you know you can get really cool Math games that the kids just love

  • Handmade practice sheets--for some reason, my hand-made math sheets were "fun"

  • No more flashcards--Okay.  I know.  I should never have had them to begin with.

Okay, I was startin to get the hang of it.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  That went through my mind for days.  And I actually

came up with the most "fun" thing of all!




"The Ultimate Math Mania:  A Multiplication Song CD

that has your kids doing the Two-Step

While Unconsciously Learning the Two's-Table"


Well, I didn't actually come up with it.  Stumbled across it was more like it:  The Let's Multiply Songs and

Activity Set.


When I first got it, I was a little skeptical. 

Maegan dancing to

Multiplication Songs


I didn't think that any math CD would be fun.




This Let's Multiply Songs and Activity Set was a hit from the

instant I first played it.  We were all having so much fun laughing and dancing in the kitchen

while it played.  As a matter of fact, my 2 year old daughter Maegan goes crazy every time

we play it.  If she's upstairs or off playing while we do homeschool, she comes running to dance

to the multiplication songs.


So, we just kept enjoying the CD. 


But then, one day, a lady told her story in an e-mail that her child hates math and has problems learning

the multiplication tables.




I immediately told her about the Let's Multiply Songs and Activity Set and she was so grateful for the

information.  That's when I realized that if this was a challenge for me, then it's probably a challenge for

others, right?


And, I like to help people - so I was able to make arrangements directly with the manufacturer

so that I can offer them to you at a great price, right now, while you are here so that

you can immediately enjoy the benefits for your math student.


So What About You?


If I were you, I'd at the VERY LEAST, sit down with your child and have a heart-to-heart about how math is

going, is it fun, etc.  You'll find you'll learn a lot by just sitting down and ask some questions.  I wish I had

learned that sooner!


But, if you're looking to maximize experiential learning, if you desire to incorporate multi-sensory learning, or if

you just want your child to have some plain fun, then this is perfect for you.


Here's Some of What Your Let's Multiply Songs and Activity Set includes:
  • Songs for Multiplication Tables 0-12

  • Includes interesting stories about historical figures -

  • anecdotes to bring life to stories while reinforcing multiplication facts

  • Song Listing:
    1. Robin Hood  & the 2 Table
    2. Betsy Ross & the 3 Table
    3. Amelia Earhart & the 4 Table
    4. Alexander the Great & the 5 Table
    5. Picasso & the 6 Table
    6. Ben Franklin & the 7 Table
    7. Dracula & the 8 Table
    8. Greek Gods & Goddesses & the 9 Table


  • Activity Book, lyrics, and worksheets

  • No more boring flash cards or boring recitation

  • Comes with both CD and audio cassette--have one at home and one in the car!




By the way, this product has won the Dr. Toy award.  Not surprising to me!!  My kids give it a

thumbs up, and yours will too!


So, there's noooo way you can go wrong with this set.  When it arrives at your house, your

kids will be beggin you to open the box that the mailman just brought.  Then they'll excitedly

follow you over to the stereo 'cause they just can't wait one more second to know what it is.  I'll know this

will happen to you because it's the same thing that happens to me!


When you pop it in, your kids will be enjoying the music--not even realizing that it's educational.  They never

need know that 99% of the adult population was bored with multiplication flashcards and

multiplication recitation in elementary school.


So, whatever you decide, here's what to do.  Click on the order button below, or you can

send a check or money order for $24.95 + $3.95 S&H to Abundant Learning Publications, 4930 Vance Drive,

Anchorage, AK 99508.


Also available is our easy order form to phone, fax, or mail in your order.  Do it now before you get sidetracked!



Payments accepted:  Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal


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Laura Bankston


P.S.  Don't let your kids be like 99% of the adult population that was bored and annoyed by flashcards and

reciting multiplication tables.  Give them fun they'll never forget with the Let's Multiply Song and Activity

Set for only $24.95 + $3.95 S&H. 





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