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Ordering FAQ


Q:  Does the Cooking with Kids System in a Box have healthy recipes?  The Cooking with Kids System in a Box has a variety of recipes to cover ages 3-9.  There are some snack recipes, some dessert recipes, and some main meal recipes.  These recipes are chosen for the ability for kids to read them and/or do them on their own.  However, the free Kids Recipe Club does have recipes for diabetic, low sugar, special diets, etc.  See the Table of Contents


Q:  How do I order the additional utensil sets and how much are they?  When you add your Cooking With Kids System in a Box order choice into your shopping cart, you will only be offered additional utensil sets if you choose Option #1:  The Cooking With Kids System in a Box and Recipe Club.  You may then tell us how many additional sets you want for $9.95 each (measuring cups, measuring spoons, stirring spoon, and 1 pot holder).  The additional sets have identity stickers on them so your kids will know which set is theirs.


Q:  What utensils come with the Cooking With Kids System in a Box?  The kit comes with one set:  measuring cups, measuring spoons, stirring spoon, and 1 pot holder.  Additional sets are available when you checkout for the Cooking With Kids System in a Box with the Recipe Club.


Q:  When will I have access to the Kids Recipe Club?  You will be added to the Kids Recipe Club as soon as possible after your order is received.  You will receive a welcome email with all the instructions for logging in and using your membership right away. 


Q:  What are the computer requirements for the Homeschool Cookbook on CD and the 36 Fun and Easy Crafts on CD These products will work on either an Mac or PC and do not require any specific program or browser.  They have their own browser built into the CD so that they can be used universally.  The CDs have full color photos and have full color printing capabilities.  Dial up connections take a long time for the recipe club downloads.  Cable, DSL, or other highspeed internet connection is recommended.


Q:  Does the 36 Fun and Easy Crafts on CD have holiday crafts?  Yes, there are holiday crafts on them, but the ones that were chosen are ones that can easily be adapted to any holiday or any non-holiday by just choosing a different shape option or decorative theme.  I wanted these to be easy for Moms to use with their homeschool year to have 1 craft per week or to just use whenever you feel like it and always have something to choose--I hate having to "wait" for a holiday to come around to do a craft, yet I want to have a holiday craft available when I feel like doing one!


Q:  How do I ask additional questions?  If you have additional questions, the fastest way to get a response is by email:  [email protected] .  You may use that email address to ask questions for any of the products.  You may also call (907) 334-8164, 24 hours day, and leave a voice mail message; however, please realize that this is an order line and with the high volume of calls, it will take longer to call you back.  Advertiser messages are not returned as we want to spend our time taking care of our clients. 

email:  [email protected]

phone orders:  907-334-8164

fax questions or orders:  907-337-7350

Q:  Why do I see "Abundant Learning Publications" at the top of the checkout instead of Homeschool Cookbook?  Abundant Learning Publications is the name of our company for all of our educational and self-improvement products.  The individual websites are owned by this company and focus on different themes or products to better serve our clients.  Your credit card statement will show any purchases as being from Abundant Learning Publications.


Q:  What are the shipping charges?  Shipping charges are based on the weight of the products order and where they will be shipped.  When you checkout, you'll first be asked for the shipping address before proceeding to the next page to choose your shipping option.  Live shipping calculations are made during checkout, and you will have the opportunity to select the shipping method available to your area as well as verify the shipping cost.  Shipping charges include both shipping and handling, if applicable.


Q:  What is the return policy?  Only products that are advertised as having a money-back guarantee are returnable within that product's guarantee time-frame.  All other sales are final and can not be returned. 


Q:  I have a product I'd like for you to consider, may I send it to you?  We appreciate your ideas and interest in sharing your product with the homeschoolers that visit our websites.  However, we can not accept unsolicited media kits or sample packages due to volume and security.  All packages mailed to us are checked before they are accepted.  If they are not from an allowable return within the proper time period, they will be refused.









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