Sample From Special Report:

"21 Real Life Learning Tip To Use

With Any Recipe"


     Cooking is universally enjoyed by all children, and they are learning things while they are doing it without even knowing it.     

     It is more simple than you think to add in a questions or give an example that gives what I call the �Ahhh� experience.  The sudden understanding of a concept that causes a child to say, �Ahhh.  Now I get it.�

      Cooking is also the perfect opportunity to ask a quick question to see what your child knows � or doesn�t.

      So, use these tips.  They don�t have to be all at once or even every time.  You�ll have one left in the back of your head to use the next time you cook together.  Or, if you�ve studied something that you want to reinforce, just take a quick glance to get an idea to get you on your way!

Real Life Learning Suggestion #1:  Fraction Practice

  • Double each ingredient in the recipe
  • Do �  the amount for each ingredient in the recipe
  • Do a recipe + half of the recipe
  • Cut the cake into fourths
  • Reduce fractions into mixed fractions
  • Recognize fractions on the measuring tools


 Real Life Learning Suggestion #2:  Number Practice 

  • setting the timer for the cooking time is practice at recognizing and using numbers
  • calculate the time you will need if each batch takes 20 minutes, etc.
  • calculate how many cookies you will have based on how many you used on the first cookie sheet
  • practice subtraction:  �We have 6 cookies here.  If I eat three, how many will be left?�
  • Add up the calories of each ingredient to determine the total calories
  • Divide the total calories into the number per serving
  • Subtract the calories of the serving from the daily total of calories that you need to determine how many calories you have left