"Sonlight CurriculumĀ® is a Christian homeschooling company that specializes in literature-based homeschooling programs. We provide complete homeschool programs and individual homeschool materials so you can build the curriculum that best meets your family's needs.
Sonlight CurriculumĀ® is based in Littleton, Colorado and serves customers in over 150 countries worldwide."


Maria said...

Even though some people think Sonlight is the Cadillac of home education, this is one family that finds it tedious, time consuming and very costly. A friend of mine also uses Sonlight, and told me I didn't have to do all the questions or all of the assignments, and they actually suggest this on their web site.

So......why spend $400 to $1000 for something you aren't going to absolutely love and absolutely use?

3:35 PM  
Anonymous said...

I have used Sonlight for Grades K through 5th. It is wonderful. I have learned so much along with my children.
I don't have to worry about planning or pre reading books. All of the notes are there for me along with comprehension questions and vocabulary and map references. My children have developed such a wonderful love of reading.
Their literature choices are top notch.
Having 6 children I love that most of the curriculum is non- consumable so I can use it over and over again and most worksheets may be copied for use with other children.
The schedule is provided for the whole year and yes they do re-enforce the fact that you are in charge so feel free to elliminate what you don't feel you need or what you just don't have time for. There is an abundance of material and references provided. That's also why this is a great curriculum to adapt for more than one grade level at a time.

5:31 PM  

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