Monday, January 17, 2023

Indoor Sidewalk Chalk Fun

Need some winter (or maybe rainy day) indoor fun?

My kids love to do sidewalk chalk; and since Maegan turned three this summer, it was really the first summer that she got into it too.

Everyday she was asking to go out and 'do chalk', so this winter has been particularly hard for her.

She keeps going to the drawer with the buckets of sidewalk chalk, asking to 'do chalk'.

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So, a couple of days ago, one of our art acitivies was to draw a snow scene with white chalk on dark blue construction paper.

As you can imagine, Maegan was tickled pink to see the sidewalk chalk come out.

But bless her heart, if she didn't give me a great idea when she put her construction paper on the floor to color - make our our indoor sidewalk to color with chalk.

It's very easy to do.

Just tape together some squares of white or colored construction paper to make your own 'indoor sidewalk'. then let the kids have at it.

The downside? It's a little messy. But, after being cooped in for a long time and having tons of energy, you may be willing to trade a little mess for some sanity :-).

Laura Bankston

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Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,

Just a thought for your indoor sidewalk
idea....instead of using squares of paper, buy a roll
of butcher paper, roll out what you need, and tape
down the ends. This will give the kids something more
the size of a sidewalk, and maybe keep the mess down


4:25 PM  

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