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Why Public School is Better Than Homeschool

10. Most parents were educated in the underfunded public school system, and so are not smart enough to homeschool their own children.

9. Children who receive one-on-one homeschooling will learn more than others, giving them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. This is undemocratic.

8. How can children learn to defend themselves unless they have to fight off bullies on a daily basis?

7. Ridicule from other children is important to the socialization process.

6. Children in public schools can get more practice 'Just Saying No' to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

5. Fluorescent lighting may have significant health benefits.

4. Publicly asking permission to go to the bathroom teaches young people their place in society.

3. The fashion industry depends upon the peer pressure that only public schools can generate.

2. Public schools foster cultural literacy, passing on important traditions like the singing of 'Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg...'

1. Homeschooled children may not learn important office career skills, like how to sit still for six hours straight.

Isn't that hilarious? I got this and just had to share it with you too.

But, really. The scarey thing is that people really believe it!

I've had people tell me that kids learn how to deal with people from the teasing and bullying they get in school.

Uh-huh. Right. If you believe that, then you might as well let your child run out in the street to get hit by a car so he will know how to deal with pain.

Laura Bankston

P.S. Don't worry about the selfish foolishness of people who criticize your choice to homeschool. Continue to love your children, teach them, spend time with them, cook with them - it's just the right thing to do.

Laura Bankston is author of Cooking with Kids Curriculum: Homeschool Cooking with Kids System in a Box and the Homeschool Cookbook. She currently home schools her three children, maintains home school support websites, and manages their family-owned service business. For information on her curriculum and free home school support services, please visit

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 Anonymous said...

That is completely ridiculous. I am shocked that people believe this. My
mother is one, her biggest complaint was lack of socialization. My daughter
gets homeschool band and chorus, church chorus and athletics that we have
her involved in. Their isn't any sheltering in that area with

10:22 AM  
 Anonymous said...


We are soo blessed to be able to homeschool. Some people are soo
ignorant, its funny.
Thanks for sharing.


10:22 AM  
 Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I was worried when I saw the subject, but this is so right on.

10:23 AM  
 Anonymous said...

Laura, Thanks for the encouragement. Taffy

10:23 AM  
 Anonymous said...

i do not feel that public school is better than homeschooling. in fact i
think you and your educated idiots should worry about what kind of children
you are turning out. you make up all kinds of lables for children that are
nothing more than ill mannered lazy brats. IEP for the children that you
cant tesach but hey its not your fault there must be some thing wrong with
the child lets givr him a lable so that the teacher and parent do not have
to feel responsible. Lady i was in education and i got to see first had what
your educated fool do to children and no thank you. Take God out of school
and this is what you are left with the libral pain in the necks that will
bring this country to its knees. Nothing is your fault everyone should help
you. God help thoses that help themseves. I clould go on for a long time
but i am sure you will not get a word of this . Do not send me anything

10:25 AM  
 Anonymous said...

Its funny, im writing a compare and contrast paper on homeschooling vs. public schools and the only thing i can find is how homeschooling is the best and only way. It just seems very ignorant to me. I mean i really do need more than one side to this for my paper.

8:17 PM  
 Anonymous said...

I was going to absolutely light into you as I was reading your top 10, but realized (near the end) you were being sarcastic.
...must have been all my public school education that dulled my senses.
As a homeschool father, I've answered each of your top 10 questions from others. My wife and I wouldn't change our time with our children and really enjoy watching our children blow past their public school peers.

12:50 AM  
 Anonymous said...

My mom isnt able to school me so i take online courses and courses provided at my cover shcool. I have learned to defend for myslef against my brohter and sister. Also i have church friends and friends from the sports i play and clubs i am involved in with my cover school. I dont want to go to school to help the fashion idustry

6:43 AM  
 Anonymous said...

Wow this article was the most outrageous thing I have ever read in my life. I don't understand how people can actually believe this. Nobody sits down and thinks that because of the type lighting in schools is florescent then they should send their kids there.

12:33 PM  
 Anonymous said...

Can you sided? There is no RIGHT choice people. Get your heads out of your a**es. For real. This is just plain stupid and it's putting a mockery to those student who strive to do good regardless of where they learn. The more this continues, the more our kids will turn out one-sided just like the parent. And then what are you going to do? Oh wait I know the answer to that, continue being the way you are because this is a perfect example of who YOU are. You should be ashamed of yourself for mocking the students who attend public school and their parents. You don't know the circumstances people are in and therefore cannot resort to home school. Home school by no right can claim being number one. If you are a lazy mother then you will receive a lazy child. Not everyone in this country, in this WORLD conforms to the rules of home school and actually follows through so that their child graduates and scores 'high'. This is just plain ignorance at it's best.

10:19 AM  
 Anonymous said...

Homeschooling has taken on a fairly large following not because it "works" but because the traditional schoolhouse model does NOT work. Further, homeschooling has risen in popularlity simply because parents have no real alternative to schools (whether public or private) but to keep their children at home.

Unfortunately, homeshooled children basically get the same teaching and learning approach in their own homes that they would be getting in formal schools and unless the homeschool "teacher" (usually a parent) is highly skilled and able to dedicate upwards of 8 hours a day to this task, the children as often as not do not emerge any better off.

What is needed is a better way to enable children to learn and provide for them to do so outside of their homes and without needing for one or more parents to make a life commitment to it. Take a look at the definitive treatment of this problem developed by Trigon-International in its recently released commission report, "Education in America -- What's to Be Done?"

7:52 PM  

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