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"ABEKA Science Text Promotes False Information"


I think Nathan's favorite subject right now is Science.  He always has been fascinated with how things work and what makes things happen.  And I like Science because it provides such a perfect opportunity to incorporate Biblical truth.


And, in  my endeavor to have every subject surrounded and encompassed with God and Scripture, I use many of ABEKA's textbooks.  And, as you may have already guessed, one of them is Science.


So, this year we are going through Exploring God's World 3 and having a great time doing it.


However, this week, in our study of plant life, I was reading to Nathan from the lesson on seeds and spores.  As I do sometimes, I was reading and kinda thinking about other things, so I wasn't really paying attention to the words as much as I should have been.  And I read a small paragraph without really comprehending what I was reading until that last sentence, "


"...yeast spores make our bread rise.  Without them, we would not have bread for toast and sandwiches.” 

I stopped.


"That's not true!"  I exclaimed in disbelief.  How could they make such a blatantly false statement?


Sure, most of the bread that is available for purchase - and even home made bread for that matter - is made with yeast.


But that doesn't change the fast - YOU CAN MAKE BREAD WITHOUT USING YEAST!


Now, you may not have even thought about it before, but trust me, I live it.  And so do probably hundreds of thousands of other Americans who, like myself, are allergic or intolerant to yeast.


And, we still have bread - without yeast.


In fact, the bread that I eat can't have wheat, yeast, gluten, or egg white.  But, even without those, I still have bread.  And I can even purchase mixes to make bread without any of those ingredients.


My point?


It's not so much the issue about the bread.  It's the issue of accurate information.


Our children have little sponges for minds.  They accept and believe everything that they are told.  They accept and believe everything from books too.   I mean, really.  How many of you have had to deal with the issue of "reality" when watching T.V.?  They believe everything on T.V. is true too!


So, it's important to teach our children that things in books are not necessarily true.  People write books and people make mistakes - and some people try to deceive you and get you to believe things that you shouldn't.


That day, Nathan and I had a large discussion about this matter of a book having information that is not true.


And, what else might not be true?  You better believe that you won't catch me again reading to my son and not paying attention!


But the other issue on my mind?  Getting the text book corrected.  How long has that false statement been in the science text?  How many kids have been reading the material on their own and think that you have to have yeast to make bread?  Has anyone even caught this inaccuracy and addressed the issue?


And since I'm not one to let things go, I sent the following e-mail to ABEKA customer service:


"Who would I need to contact about erroneous information in the 3rd grade science text?

Thanks so much.  Laura Bankston

Page 41-Exploring God’s World 3-“yeast spores make our bread rise.  Without them, we would not have bread for toast and sandwiches.”  This is not correct information.  I’m allergic to yeast and have yeast free breads all the time.  This information should be corrected to, “Without them, we would not have ….(something that has to be made with yeast, or the same tasting bread that is commonly bought in stores).  Most states have laws that textbooks must contain accurate information"

Yes, most states have laws that text books must contain accurate information.  This is usually a state law that applies to even public school texts.  So, as a parent, you have a right to address the false information presented in public school texts (such as the appendix being a "vestigial organ".  Science has already proven that the appendix has a purpose and is important). 

So, I sent my email, wondering if I would get a response.  And today, I got one.  But, it wasn't what I was expecting....

"Dear Mrs. Bankston,
Thank you for your suggestion regarding the science text.  We will keep this information on file for our next reprint.

We appreciate your interest and prayers as we attempt to provide quality in textbooks for Christian schools and home schoolers."
LuWanda Bowman
Education Consultant


Thanks for my suggestion????


Since when is correcting an error just a "suggestion'???  There should be someone admitting that it is an ERROR and can MISLEAD children and that it will be presented for REVISION.  And, in the meantime, each text should have an INSERT or a STICKER of the ERROR.


If you are a user of ABEKA and are concerned about this complacency regarding an ERROR in a science text not only used by many homeschoolers - but is being read to students in Christian schools across this nation, then please contact ABEKA with me and let them know that FALSE information, no matter how "minor"  is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Period.


ABEKA Contact information:


LuWanda Bowman, Education Consultant - [email protected]



U.S and Canada 1-800-874-3590


A Beka Book, Inc.
P.O. Box 19100
Pensacola, FL
32523-9100, U.S.A.


And, may I encourage you to pay attention to the curriculum that you use.  Make sure that it is accurate and truthful.  And, by all means, don't accept anything less than that!

Laura Bankston


Laura Bankston is author of the Cooking with Kids Curriculum:  “Cooking With Kids System In a Box” and the “Homeschool Cookbook”.  She currently home schools her three children, maintains home school support websites, and manages their family-owned service business.  For information on her curriculum and free home school support services, please visit

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