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 Biography of Homeschool Mom

Laura Bankston


Laura Bankston grew up in Niles, Michigan and lived there until she married her husband, Wade, in 1989.


Since her husband was in the military, they served two years in the Philippines (where Laura worked as a sign language interpreter and tutor) before being stationed in Anchorage, Alaska.


Laura started work as a receptionist in a mortgage company, and was promoted to Assistant Vice President within a few years.  She quit work to be home with her children and assist her husband in his dream of owning his own business.


They opened their professional service business in February 1997; and it quickly grew to become major competitors in their market.  In both 2002 & 2003, Laura was a finalist in a Nationwide "Better Your Best" professional service business competition.


Laura began homeschooling her children in Kindergarten and continues to homeschool them today.  The lessons she has learned, the struggles that she has overcome, and the subsequent systems that she developed are reflected in her products.


Laura Bankston has numerous articles providing homeschool help.  They have been published online and in print magazines such as The Homeschool Digest.


Laura and their three children (Nathan born in 1995, Ryan born in 1997, and Maegan born in 2001) reside in Anchorage, Alaska.






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