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Today's Tip From 8 Year Old Nathan Bankston

My oldest son Nathan is still excited about making the cookbook. He keeps saying that on the next one, we need to do this and that. In fact, I already have 4 ideas from him that will go out in the next recipe club package of 4.

But on Saturday, I made waffles for the kids; and with the left over batter, I made little waffles. I put these in zip lock bags and put them in the freezer so that we could have home made toaster waffles.

Well, here it is 10:21 p.m. on Friday night and Wade and Nathan had a hankerin' for a midnight snack. So, out came the waffles, they popped them in the toaster; and they topped them off with some apple pie filling that I had in the cabinet.

Nathan was so excited that he said this should be recipe #37.

So, there you have it - a delightful breakfast and midnight snack totally prepared by an 8 year old while I sit here on the sofa writing to you.

This independence thing definitely has its advantages!


Laura Bankston

P.S. When making waffles, use the extra batter to make mini waffles. These can be put in ziplock bags and frozen and then used for quick breakfast toaster waffles. I've done them with pancakes too. These and other kid's recipes get sent out in bundles of 4 with the recipe club at



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