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Why Homeschooling Is Becoming a Popular Choice

Parents are faced with a myriad of decisions surrounding their children’s education. Location, cost and quality are just a few. The latest trend in the United States is homeschooling. In fact, more than 2 million children are homeschooled today, which is almost double the number of kids learning at home 14 years ago. The number of primary school children whose parents choose to forgo traditional education is actually growing seven times faster than the number of kids enrolling in schools. (At times the need for a homeschool tutors can be advantageous for parents needing a little help. The tutoring fees would be applicable to public school students as well.)


Reasons to Learn at Home

The concept of homeschooling began when parents pulled children from schools citing a concern about the lack of values or “negative” values that were permeating public school curriculum. However, parents are now increasingly choosing alternative schooling for other reasons. A Department of Education study found:

  • 31 percent of parents cited concerns about safety, drugs or peer pressure
  • 30 percent opted for homeschooling because they could provide religious instruction
  • 16.5 percent were dissatisfied with public schooling academia
  • 14 percent said their children had special needs better met in a home setting Continue reading

Richmond, Virginia is for (Foodie) Lovers

Richmond is steeped in American history, but there is something for almost everyone to enjoy here. From art galleries to botanical gardens, sporting events to museums, unique boutiques to top-notch salons and spas, Virginia’s capital city is uniquely diverse and never ceases to impress and entertain tourists and locals alike. Virginia may be for lovers, but eating in Richmond will prove to be a foodie lover’s paradise if one ever existed. Some of these tasty eats are available year-round, while other events happen just once a year—so be sure to plan in advance! In addition, some annual festivals are free to attend, while others require that you purchase tickets for entry. Many ticketed festivals are known to sell out quickly; if one is calling your name, it is strongly recommended that you purchase your ticket in advance. You are definitely not going to want to miss out on a single bite.



Richmond’s Carytown neighborhood should be at the top of any foodie’s “must-eat” list. This “mile of style” is home to literally hundreds of restaurants, bars, and local stores. Carytown enjoys several festivals throughout the year, including their very own Food & Wine Festival. Participating local restaurants will be offering samplings of Thai, Indian, and Mexican food—and of course, good old burgers and fries—though this list is far from comprehensive. The festival also spotlights some of the best regional wines available. Don’t forget about Carytown’s annual Watermelon Festival, where you can get to enjoy as much of this tasty fruit as you can handle—in addition to delicious watermelon-inspired cocktails at nearby bars and eateries. Continue reading