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The Ultimate Love Test is Anything But a Love Test...

I said I wouldn't watch it. In fact, I spouted off words of anger and disgust every time the commercial aired for the disgrace of a show that is an 'Ultimate Love Test'. ABC should be ashamed of themselves.

I mean, really, let's just spit in the face of the concept of love, marriage, and faithfulness by using a group of couples who are living together 'playing' at being married - and then throw them in with tempting beauties to see if their love is real or not.

What happened to fleeing temptation?
What happened to saying 'no!'
Who threw out the concept of faithfulness and replaced it with 'freedom' and 'exploration'?

     NOT ME. And I certainly hope not you, either.

But, I couldn't help it. I had to turn it on for a few minutes to see if it was just as awful as I had anticipated. And it was. I want to puke just thinking about the 15 minutes of "love" that I saw.

This type of perverted unfaithfulness has become a 'norm' that is accepted and what we are trying to protect our children from. Well, I pray that you are protecting your children from that.

What's next? I hate to think how much lower human nature can stoop.

Anyway, enough ranting....

In light of recent television premiere disgraces, take time today to show the one you love how much you appreciate their love and faithfulness. Don't take it for granted that they know how much you value and cherish their love. Make today a 'National Faithfulness Day' and make your loved one a home made card or cooking a goodie.

I hope that you will visit and click on the link of how to contact your local ABC affiliate and email the audience relations department at [email protected] . But, with their idea of 'relations', who knows.

And then take a few minutes with your children and remind them of the sacredness of relationships. Even if your divorced, even if you're a single mom, even if your re-married - you still know the sacredness of a pure, wholesome relationship that has love - and the pain one without love can cause.

Now on to some more positive and uplifting remarks from smart subscribers like yourself:

Dear Laura, Thank you for the peppermint I.C. Recipe. I printed it and left it on the table before my daughter came for breakfast. While at the grocery store she called me on the cell phone and asked for whipping cream and rock salt. I really need to do stealth teaching with her now that she is 14, has a mind of her own, and hates being taught by Mom. Yours. Donna

L.B.: Donna, what a clever Mom you are! Now, I'm gonna remember that one for when I have teens - the 'ole reverse psychology approach. I hope she got her curiosity aroused and wondered how the rock salt made the mix freeze faster...

Hello Laura,
I have be reading your info. and am enjoying your everyday events and how you see things. I think you are doing a wonderful job of including your children in the necessity of cooking . The fact that you are able to present to them the enjoyment of cooking is the key, I think. They will find pleasure in the kitchen, since a good part of our life relegates us to the kitchen, women. It is a great advantage for a woman to have a cooking husband and the fact that your son is enjoying the creativity of cooking will be of great value to his entire life, whatever he does. Learning to enjoy cooking and eating healthy and the why's are of the essence.
My life is very different from yours. I am separated from their father a little more than 3 yrs.. I now have two teens to myself.. My son is l8 and my daughter is 14. Their dad didn't see cooking as a family event. It was all mine and a huge chore that I hated. I did like to cook once upon a time, but my daily experiences of being alone in the kitchen, and the grocery store etc. just put me on overload. I now know that I must feed my two teens but they want very little to do with the prep. etc of our food. I am alone with them and this whole cooking together thing would be a very nice positive memory for us all. However, to get the whole ball rolling seems to be near impossible this late in the game. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Suzanne.

L.B.: Suzanne, you know, I never even thought about the value of my boys enjoying cooking; and you are soooo right! And especially in your situation, you just can't be expected to do it all! You know, with older kids it's always a challenge; but I do have an idea that might work for you. We've done a pizza party with friends where everyone makes their own dough, puts on their own toppings, etc. You and your teens might enjoy this - and it wouldn't really seem like 'making' them do or learn anything. More of a 'let's all have what we want tonight', and maybe that will give you some time for a little conversation and memory making. Another thing that I did as a teen was have one of my friends over and we made a meal for the family. For teen activities, our youth group would have a 'dinner' night where the teens would make their own theme restaurant, set it up, prepare food, and serve it to the community people who attended. And it was also a contest to see who did the best, raised the most funds, etc.

You know, I don't think it's ever too late. And you have a valuable perspective to share with your teens; and a valuable perspective for us all. And, you know, it doesn't even have to be related to cooking - good memories are good however they come about.

Thanks so much Suzanne for all you shared! I hope maybe something here has sparked an idea for you!

Well, I'd like to end with the thoughtful tenderness of Suzanne, who has demonstrated the point completely and fully the value of love and family in whatever situation we may find ourselves.


Laura Bankston

P.S. The pizza recipe I referred to is the one in the Homeschool Cookbook; but just edited down and more playful for younger kids. But you know, teens can get wild and crazy and have fun with it too! Click Here





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