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"The Importance of Communication"

(Lessons from Ronald Reagan Part IV)


We all consider communication to be of great importance in all areas of life.  Especially marriage. 


But, how many of us are really great communicators?  Not that many.  So, why can people have good marriages, etc. if there aren't very many people good at communicating?


Well, I'll tell you in just a minute.


Reagan was called "The Great Communicator".  But why was he called that?  Was it because of his speaking skills?  Was it because of his grammar?




If you watch some of his speeches, he stutters and stops and re-starts.  Although he has a great presence, I wouldn't say that his speaking skills were the greatest that I've seen.


There are two main reasons why Ronald Reagan was called the "Great Communicator".


The first was because he was able to communicate great ideas that inspired people.


People mentally define communication in different ways:  pattern of speech, choice of words, grammar, fluency, smoothness - but what's really important is the communication of ideas.  Or the substance of what you are trying to say.


That's why people who don't "speak well" can have happy marriages or be "great communicators" because it's more than the words spoken, the order they are used, and grammar.


Secondly, Reagan was considered the "Great Communicator" because he spoke like the everyday man.  He talked like they did.  He was easy to understand.


There are people who write in and "correct my grammar" - but they have no idea that it is done intentionally. 


I know grammar.  I got all A's in high school.  I have a college 4.0 gpa.  I'm no dummy.


But in communicating, it is not important to me in the slightest that "I know that of which I'm speaking."  I care more that people will understand and know what I'm talking about.


We can all learn a great lesson from the life of Ronald Reagan.  Communicate ideas.  And communicate them in a way people can understand.


Now, on to other matters.


Here's an email I read after writing this morning's article:


I think of qualities not so admired of this and many other men.  God sees the side of everyone that no one sees. The side that achieved and the side that hurt others to achieve it.  I don't need a speech to follow any man,  Every man must work out his own life plan according to the circumstances he is in.  To every man there is a way that seems right, that was right for him, for another maybe he must yield to a whole other set of circumstances in order to allow something else of a greater unseen good to occur.  amberli


L.B.:  Amberli, you're gonna be what you focus on.  You can find faults in everyone, including Ronald Reagan.  Why would you want to learn that?  I'd rather study the great things about a person and learn from them.


And, yes, I do believe that God sees all and that he knows everyone's bad side, including mine.  But, he's also put mine as far as the east is from the west - he's not focusing on my faults and sins, so why should I?


Now, I do believe that we should be aware of evil and wrong doers and teach our children to avoid such things.  But why in the world would I want to nit-pick a great man like Ronald Reagan to show an example of a bad quality when there are plenty of men like President Bill Clinton who exhibit lies, deceit, and infidelity.  I would never use Bill Clinton's great speaking skills as an example to my children because his overall example is terrible.  That's why one of his Presidential nicknames is "Commander in Briefs".


Every great man has faults and sins.


But if a fault, or a bad side, disqualified someone from being a positive example, then there would be no one on this earth that you could learn anything from.


So, you can focus on the negatives of Reagan and whoever else you want to.  I'm going to learn all I can from the great attributes of great people as another means to improve my life and the lives of those around me.


But, if you truly believe that your life "yields" to circumstances around you; then you are right. There is absolutely no point to studying anything about anyone because your circumstances are going to direct your life.

I, on the other hand, make choices (good and bad) that direct my life. And I will continue to study and learn to make more of the better ones.



I enjoy getting your e-mails and that it's personalized, thanks! 

I wanted to put in my input on the homeschool is the only school issue.  When I am asked why I homeschool, I tell them that my first reason was to take him out of the Chicago public school system because by the end of his second grade, he could not read or add.  So I started a year at a time. 

But then it became a convicting reason after reading 'Ignite the Fire' by Terri Camp.  Basically she was saying that taking it a year at a time is silly, why not just go all the way as God intended.  I felt that God was speaking to me when I read that.  I also feel that homeschool is not for everyone.  Do I believe that everyone can homeschool?  I think so but God has a unique plan for everyone and it's not the same thing just as our homeschool and teachings are not the same.  Now is it Biblical?  Yes, absolutely, but I also feel that it's a calling.  If they are doing great in the system, why pull them out but if God has other plans for you and your child, then we are to listen and obey. 

Like you said, Laura, it's between the parent and God.  Do much praying and some research.  That's how I started, much praying, research and lots of questions.  After 6 years of homeschooling, I still have some questions now that I'm entering a whole new road on my journey . . . high school!

Enjoy our Lord as you continue to glorify Him,


L.B.:  Chrissy, thanks for discerning comments and reference for reading.  You can't read too many good books on any topic.  I have this huge stack next to my bed - and a second stack of about 20 books that I need to get through.  Actually, you've given me a good reminder that I need to get back on my reading schedule.  Thanks


Well, that's it for today - I promised the kids a trip to McDonald's playland this morning and they're up and about now.  HUNGRY as usual, of course.



Laura Bankston


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Laura Bankston is author of Internationally selling Cooking with Kids Curriculum:  ï¿œHomeschool Cooking in a Boxï¿œ and the ï¿œHomeschool Cookbookï¿œ.  She currently home schools her three children, maintains home school support websites, and manages their family-owned service business.  For information on her curriculum and free home school support services, please visit


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