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Laura Bankston's Daily Tip 6/16/04: 

Today's Topic:  Cooking


"Choosing Your Chopping Block"


I can remember when I was a teenager that we had this wood cutting board.  It last forever, it cleaned easily.

Then, when I grew up there was all this talk about why you shouldn't have a wooden cutting board, but a plastic one because wooden ones held bacteria inside that you couldn't clean out.


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I don't know about you; but I'd use my plastic one with something colored, and after I washed it, there was still color left.  That was evidence to me that even the plastic one held some food bacteria too.

So, just what are you supposed to do about the cutting board dilemma?  Wood or Plastic?


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So, I didn't some research and here's what I learned:

There are studies the wood is best-that they now have "anti-bacterial kind" that kills bacteria in a matter of minutes while bacteria sits on a plastic board and multiplies overnight.

There are studies that plastic is the best.  The bacteria may sit on it, but it can be washed off while wood cutting boards just hold dormat bacteria that can be re-activated.

However, all recommend that nicked boards needs to be replaced and to follow the same care tips.

  1. Choose one with as non porous of a surface as possible

  2. Clean with hot water and a scrub brush after each use.  For plastic ones, a little bleach wouldn't hurt - and let it set for a minute or two. 

  3. Don't let your cutting board sit around before you clean it

  4. When your cutting board starts to get nicks, it's time to get a new one.

Personally, I don't know if wood or plastic is better.  But I do know that I'm going to use what is more convenient for me right now - plastic.  You can't throw a wooden one in the dishwasher!  And I like to think about those hot temperatures killing any bacteria that can be hiding.

And, I think that the next time I'm at the store, I'll look for a glass cutting board.

P.S.  Which is better, wood or plastic?  Read above what I found while researching the matter.  And then use the cleaning tips because you'll need them.  Have you gotten your Homeschool Cooking in a Box?   Can you really afford to wait any longer?  ORDER NOW

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