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Laura Bankston's Daily Tip 6/14/04: 

Today's Topic:  Lessons from Ronald Reagan


"Knowing Where You Want to Go"


This last weekend I watched many interesting specials and biographies and interviews on the life of Ronald Reagan.  As I listened, I took notes of several principles of successful people.

If you watched any of the programming, I'm sure you saw that Ronald Reagan did not have the perfect life.  It wasn't even an easy life. 

But through the interviews, two different people said the same thing about Ronald Reagan.  "He knew where he wanted to go and no one was going to convince him otherwise."

That struck a chord of recognition of this quality of people who reach their goals.  And Ronald Reagan evidenced this in at least two periods of his life:


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1.  Ronald Reagan's campaign:  Even when he was the underdog in the campaign for the GOP nomination for President he was not swayed.  He had one goal:  to be nominated as the Presidential candidate.

When his advisory board suggested that he quit the campaign as there was just no hope, he refused.  I don't believe out of stubbornness - but out of single mindedness.  Knowing exactly what he wanted and knowing that he would never reach that goal if he didn't go for it all out - without fear - exposing himself to criticism and embarrassment

Did he get nominated?  No.  And that was his 2nd attempt!  And still, that didn't stop him from trying again four years later.  If he had given up, he never would have been President.  And he would have confirmed himself to be a failure.

2.  Ronald Reagan's Presidency:  Since I was an early teen when Reagan took office, a lot of the documentary information was new to me.  I didn't realize the economic problems endured by his belief in reducing taxes to stimulate the economy and thus bring in more taxes to cover the difference.  Or in his stance that he would only continue to build the military and make the U.S. the #1 power in the world.

By the middle of his first term, the country was against him.  Unemployment rates were high.  People were short-sighted and didn't have any belief or hope in the overall "plan". 

As a parent, I don't know how I would have re-acted during that time if I was having a hard time finding work.

But, once again, when everyone around him was saying that he needed to abandon his plan and increase taxes, he refused.  Again, not out of stubbornness, but out of his belief that this was the best for the country and that getting through this difficult time would ultimately reap Americans greater rewards.  He was alone, but he stood firm.

Thank goodness he did!

How many of us would have done the same?  Really stand for something in which we believe?  Peer pressure is bad enough.  Family pressure is awful - but what if it seemed the whole country was against you, including your own advisors?

Reagan had a vision.  He knew exactly where he wanted to go.  He knew exactly where he wanted the country to go.  And he got us all there.


Laura Bankston

P.S.  Ronald Reagan is an example of the qualities needed to reach goals.  And the same qualities needed to be an entrepreneur.  You can get your free report "How to Teach Your Child To Be An Entrepreneur" that talks about these qualities and others by clicking here and participating in our short survey.



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