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 Want Easy Kids Crafts?... 

"36 Kids Crafts, So Fun and Easy,

Kids Can Do Them Alone!

Your Peeking Around

the Corner to Check on Them is Optional...



Nathan Bankston "crafting" away

     I never considered myself a "crafty" person.  And you can't change an "un-crafty" person into a "crafty" one, or can you?


     Well, let me tell you the round about way that led me to discover the answer. 


     My 8 year old son, Nathan -  in addition to tromping through mud puddles and building from scraps of wood - loves everything to do with crafts and art.


     I don't know where he got those interests - I still draw stick people and preschool-looking daisies.  Pretty puny compared to the picture he handed me this Sunday of two roses that looked so real my jaw dropped.


     He carries that same creativity into crafts too.  


     Well, anyway, one day, I was standing in the kitchen with Nathan.  I looked down at his jeans and couldn't take it any longer.  You know how boy's jeans get - holes through the knees before they even have time to get faded in the wash.  I couldn't stand those holes with the scraggly strings hanging everywhere.  And I wanted to get the last little bit I could from them.


     So, I took my scissors and cut off the legs to make them into jean shorts - you've done that, right?


     Then I went straight to the trashcan to dispose of the scraps.


How I Learned that Trash = Craft Supply


     Nathan nearly had a heart attack. 


     "Wait, wait, wait...," he could hardly spit the words out fast enough.  But the jean scraps already lay on top of the trash.


     "Can I have those?" he asked.


     "Absolutely not!" I instantly replied.


     Then I paused and thought for a second.  I had just come back from a seminar where someone had told me to ask for what you want because the worst that would happen would be to told no.  And when I really thought about it, I was training my kids not to ask for things....but I'm off on a rabbit trail.  That's another story.


     The point is that I was already trying to change my thinking.  I realized that I should ask Nathan why he wanted them - maybe it was a reasonable request...So I asked him.


     "Well, you see," he began as he picked one up out of the trash, "I can take my scissors and cut them here like this".  He demonstrated the cutting.  "Then when I do that to both legs, I'll have material to make a jean bag."


     I was floored.


     I gave him the jean scraps, a pair of scissors, a needle, and some thread.  And he made a jean bag.  He even took the Happy Meal boxes out of the trash to use the handles for his bag!


     That's when I realized I needed to figure out how to satisfy his need for crafts.


"The Search for Satisfying Crafts"


     It wasn't as easy as I thought.


     I took him to a six week collage class - once a week for two hours - for OVER $100.  He loved it; but I didn't want to keep forking over that kind of money for one craft.


     I bought a craft kit.  That didn't work either.  I had to spend too much time sorting out the stuff and figuring out what to do.  I ended up frustrated and hid it away.  It's still sitting up on a shelf wasting space and collecting dust.


     I spent hours online.  Seems like I just ended up going in circles.


      I was ready to give up.  And I told that to my husband.  I was tired of trying to find what I wanted - and now I was sure I would never find it. 


     He said, "I don't understand.  You've created everything else our kids needed.  Why should kids crafts be any different?  You don't give yourself enough credit."




     I chewed on that one for a few days, and then I decided to take some action.


     So I set out collecting, compiling, and creating kids crafts that had the following qualifications: 

  1. The crafts had to be easy so the kids could basically do the crafts themselves

  2. The crafts could only require a few supplies-and those supplies needed to be easy to find and useable for other crafts

  3. The crafts needed the option to be done quickly since my kid's ages range from 2 to 8.

  4. The crafts couldn't cause huge messes as I didn't want to do a lot of clean up.

  5. The crafts had to be useful and able to be given away as gifts.  I didn't want to have 20 million crafts everywhere - my fridge and walls are a museum as it is!

      And it wasn't easy.  But I did find some, modify some, and create some.  And, the crafts that were winners were added to my list and filed for next year.  (I have a filing system that holds ideas, receipts, etc.  But that's another story.)

     Anyway, one day, a homeschool mom was over; and she was saying that she needed to have some easy crafts for her kids to do for Valentine's Day.

     "You've got to try these..." I said.  And I told her about the three fast, easy crafts we did and sent to some relatives in Michigan.

     "That's great!" she said, "I wish I had some other easy stuff like that.  It'd be great to have something to do regularly."

     I understood that.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not being consistent enough with my homeschool.  You know what I mean? 

     So, I gave her a few more quick crafts.  She was tickled pink!

     And so was the friend she told...and the friend after that...

     The only problem was that a photo copy of my list wasn't getting the job done.  I had to give the brief instructions for each one; and that started to get old.  They needed to be written down.  So, that's what I started to do.

     But I'm not the type of person that does anything half way...

     So, I put together everything with step-by-step photos.  My kids didn't care.  They were thrilled to do all the crafts again.  And hey, what kid doesn't like their picture taken?

     And it was a hit.

     Since I had already done something similar with my homeschool cooking course; I sent out some samples to be reviewed.

    It was still a hit...maybe more like a homerun :-).  So, that's how I know...


Your Kids Will Love 'Em !


     Thereï¿œs nothing "exceptional" about my kids.  Sure, Nathan seems to have a propensity for art; but even he's just an everyday, normal kid.  And I like my kids to be happy.  I love to develop their creativity - especially when it's no extra work for me! 


     So, I can confidently tell you--my kids have loved this, kids of friends have loved this, and the Moms have loved it too. 


     You may be skeptical, but I assure youï¿œ if you use my handy CD, you'll see how the frequent nightmare of homeschool craft time is transformed into such simple fun you'll wish you'd had this when your other kids were younger!



"The 36 Simple, Easy, Do-It-On-Their-Own,

Kids Crafts That Stimulate Creativity

While You Sit Back and Watch"



It can't get any better than that!  And here are some of the reasons why Moms are getting their very own  36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD:

  • You donï¿œt have to be "crafty" - if you can click your "printer icon", you're good to go

  • You donï¿œt have to do ANY workï¿œnot even make a list!

  • Your kids automatically make age appropriate modifications that stimulate their creativity

  • You get 36 kids crafts - one for every week of the "school year" -  no worries about homeschool consistency!

  • Your kids will get the craft time they're constantly begging for

  • No bulky books or boxes to store - just a slim CD

     And believe me, this has Moms in mind because I hate wasting time planning, sorting, shopping, get the picture.  I like systems - like the ritual we have to get the family ready for church on Sunday morning. You probably can think of something similar that your family does, right?


     Well, that's what this is.  And your kids don't go around thinking, "Oh, Mom, you make things so miserable by doing this the same order."  No, of course not.  All they know is that you and everyone else in the family is happier and having fun since things are going so smoothly! 


     And this is no different.  Theyï¿œll just be having fun


 36  Easy Kids Crafts on CD

has these exclusive kid-friendly features:

  • Everyone can have their own copy.  Print as many sets of instructions as you want - no fighting over seeing what's next!

  • Got goop on your page?  No worry!  It's a snap to print a replacement.

  • Totally detailed step-by-step photos.  Your child will know exactly what they are doing and what it can look like.

  • Instructions given one step at a time.  No frustrating "cake mix box" instructions that contain 5 steps in one sentence.

  • NO WAITING TO USE!  You'll immediately get the 2 supplies needed for the first craft.  You can just grab them on your next trip to Wal-Mart and you're all set to go! 

  • Everyone works at their own pace - since everyone can have their own photos, they can go at their own pace.  No one will be bored one will be frustrated at being "pushed" along.

  • The step-by-step photos are of children!  Kids love to copy things they see other kids do.  It gives them automatic confidence!


My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee to You

     36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD comes with my 100%, 60 Day, Money Back Guarantee.  Take a look at everything -try everything if you want, beginning to end, and enjoy the three FREE bonuses.  Try everything risk free - and if you don't think it's all I promised, then I'll cheerfully refund your money - no questions asked - and you can KEEP all the bonuses.

     Personally, I don't think any store has ever offered me the option to return a CD after it was opened.  I think you can see that this is the best guarantee you could possibly find, period.

Here's How It Works

     When you click on the order button below, you'll be taken to my secure order page where you can use credit card or PayPal.

     Your transaction is secure, using the latest encryption and newest "anti-hacker" technology to ensure complete privacy and security.  The transaction will be billed to you as Abundant Learning Publications.  The whole transaction takes just a few minutes, and your 2 supplies for the 1st craft will be provided to you immediately.

    When your 36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD arrives, let the kids dive in!  See how much fun you'll have...a real time of family bonding and fun.  Your kids will be begging for more!

So, What About You?     

        This much is for sure: when your kids are grown and gone - and even before then, if you're like me - you'll wish you had taken more time to have fun with them. 

     So, whatever you decide, before the cries of "Mommy, Mommy" call you away, click to order right now! 




With Your 100% Guarantee...

You Have 60 days to Try

"36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD"


     I assure you that 36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD will add to your home school experience and create wonderful memories for you and your family.


     In fact, I'm so sure, that's how I can offer you 60 days to see it for yourself, with your own eyes.  If it wasn't all I promised, I'd be out of business!


     So, you can use it for 60 days.


     If, you decide that it's not for you, simply return your 36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD. We'll promptly refund your money.  No questions asked.


     I truly want to give you an easy, stress free way to build memories with the ones you love before they are grown and gone.


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     If you have questions at any time about 36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD, use [email protected] to send us an e-mail.

    Wishing you home school fun and happiness,

    Laura Bankston

P.S.  Every Craft that I share with you in  36 Easy Kids Crafts on CD is a PROVEN Winner.  I use every one of them personally, in my own home, with my own kids; and I know that you'll love them too.  Remember, you have a 60 day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you're not happy, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.  This is truly a 100% risk free offer.

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