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Is Homeschool Right for You?


Are you asking yourself, "Should I homeschool or not?"


Do you have an endless debate going on in your mind that keeps you awake at night?


If you said yes, then this may be the most important letter you've ever read.


Dear Mom,


Like you, I discussed the option of homeschool with my husband and everyone under the sun during the day - and then lay awake all night questioning myself.


If only there had been a quick, easy way for me to cut through the hype and know for sure!  It sure would of saved me a lot of mental anquish and doubt.


When I first started my homeschool support websites, I was concerned about other Moms facing the same doubts and concerns.  While it was feasible, I even offered evaluations and support by email.  But when it became 4-5 months to even get to one, I knew that was no longer a practical solution for someone in dire need of help.


That's why I've taken all the doubts, fears, concerns, situations, and experience to create the perfect, simple solution for everyone to get answers now.


Introducing, for the first time ever,

The Simple Test to Know if Homeschool is Right for You!


Now, for the first time ever, you can take a simple test to decide if homeschool is the right choice for you.  In it you'll find:

  • 17 easy questions to cut through to your true motivation

  • 13 fast questions to evaluate your unique situation

  • 7 simple questions to identify your resources

All with a simple scale to let you know if homeschooling is a great choice for you.


But that's not all!  Also included is the worksheet to address your unique situation and how to identify and overcome challenges BEFORE you're faced with them.


Don't make a mistake! 

            Know what to tell family and friends!

                              Don't waste time and money if homeschool is not for you!


Moms like you regularly spend $50 - $500 to "dabble" in homeschool and try it out.  And when they are again faced with confusion and frustration, it's so easy to doubt oneself and quit.


But you can avoid all that and know for sure.


Right this very second you can download your test Is Homeschool Right for You? with the included answer key for only $9.95 - that's less than a trip to McDonalds...that's way less than the cost of your emotional turmoil...and way less than the stress you'll impose on your kids if homeschooling is not right for you.


So, stop wondering.  Know now.



NOTE:  The Is Homeschool Right for You? test is for informational and self-evaluation purposes only.  It in no way constitutes  legal. medical, or educational counseling.


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