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Homeschooling Mom Reveals...

 "How to Survive Your First 2 Years of  HomeSchool and Avoid the Most Common Mistakes New HomeSchool Moms Make"


Dear Homeschooling Mom,


Let me tell you about a trying moment in the early days of homeschool. It was the day I sat in total frustration at our kitchen table with my head resting on my two open palms.


I was biting my lips, fighting the emotion that was building inside of me, looking for a place to explode.  My five-year old son Nathan was sitting there next to me, sniffling. He used his fingers to hold up his glasses as he wiped away the tears that filled his eyes.


I called to Nathan and he was quick to climb onto my lap.  He threw his arms around me and started sobbing, holding me tight.


“It’s okay,” I whispered to him. “It’s okay.”


But it wasn’t. Home education wasn't supposed to be this hard. And I certainly didn't want to end every lesson with my son in tears.


Sound familiar? I’ll bet it does. I’ve heard virtually every new homeschooling mom tell a similar tale.


My name is Laura Bankston.  And when I started to homeschool, everything was absolutely wonderful until I started to teach Nathan to read.  That’s when it all fell apart.


Wade & Laura Bankston

Nathan, Maegan, & Ryan

I had to sit and think to myself, “What have I done wrong?”


And I’m ashamed to admit that it took more than I wanted

to spend in figuring it all out.  Reading and lesson plans and all the other mistakes I made those first two years.


Why The Best Intentions for Your Child

Aren’t Good Enough

Unless You Have the Right Knowledge



There’s no way anyone had better intentions than me.


The whole homeschooling thing started when I was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about Nathan’s education.  And he was only two!


O.K.  Stop laughing.  You have to think back to your first child and the “first-time-Mom” syndrome.  You know, changing him every hour whether he needed it or not.   Wanting his life to be perfect.  But hey—with one, you have the time!  You learn to loosen up later with baby #2 ...


Anyway, I was already worried about school.  And when it came down to it, I ultimately decided that the only thing good enough for my son was home school.  And that’s the same decision you made, right?


So, throw your intentions out the window now because they won’t help you a bit in preventing you from being frustrated with a crying child in your lap.


What you need is home school survival skills and you need them fast!


 How to Get The Knowledge You Need without Going Through the University of Hard Knocks

(even if you're only trying to do preschool lesson plans!)

I’m a graduate of that well known school.  And trust me.  You can do without it.  If I could start teaching all over again--back to preschool--with the knowledge I have now...

Haven’t you ever thought, “I would do _____  if I could go back with what I know now” ?

Everyone’s had moments like that--and it's NOT due to lack of intelligence. How do I know that?  ‘Cause I’m no dummy.

As a matter of fact, I’m not just a homeschooling Mom.  I’m also a working Mom that runs a professional service business that brings in up to $27,000 a month in sales.  How am I able to do it all?  Well, that’s another story for another time.


But the point is, that I’m an intelligent, successful business woman, but I still ended up frustrated with a crying child in my lap.  My situation had nothing to do with lack of intelligence.


It had EVERYTHING to do with not having the right tools in my toolbox. 

 Announcing: the Perfect Tool for Homeschoolers...

I mean, really.  Why should every Mom have to start at square one, find all the resources, struggle over preschool lesson plans, and make all the mistakes?  You shouldn't.  And that's why I've put together this site.  I just want to be able to help you by providing you with the tools you need to skip the aggravation I went through.   

 If you don’t already know, you’ll soon discover that the problems you’re facing (or will face)  are the same mistakes 99.99% of new homeschooling Moms make-no matter what age you start with.  I would say 100% as I haven’t met or heard of anyone who didn’t-but you never know.  There might be one out there.  But these are the same mistakes 99.99% of new homeschooling Moms make and all 99.99% of them have to figure how to get through it on their own.  Over and over.  Like a never ending cycle. 

That ludicrous, right?

That’s what I think.  A total waste of time, money, and resources!  As a business owner, I already know that once something has been figured out, you put a system in place so that you’ll never have to worry about it again.  So why should it be any different with schooling?  It shouldn’t.

So, don't waste time and energy.  Don't feel frustrated.  Don't end up like all those other Moms who got tired of trying to figure it out and gave up on home education.

Get the knowledge you need to get it done and skip the University of Hard Knocks when you get your  "How to Survive Your First Two Years of Homeschool" knowlege system.

Here's just some of the Solutions:

  • What you need to know before you start homeschooling

  • What have I gotten myself into?  Learn how to re-kindle the love when the honeymoon is over

  • Take My Test:  How to decide if homeschooling is right for you

  • Am I capable of homeschool?  How to nuture innovative thinking and not create an educational dead end

  • Top 10 benefits to educating your child at home

  •  How to find what's required for homeschooling--from your state and from your personal resources

  • Why "special needs" doesn't mean special ed; but rather just special homeschool

  • How to choose curriculum without copying or comparing to Public School Textbooks

  •  What is an umbrella or charter school program and do I need it?

  •  How to create a confident child and not a social introvert

  •  How to turn reluctance, dislike, or downright rebellion into a happy homeschooled child

  • Record keeping:  from state requirements to portfolios of happy memory making

  •  Am I going too fast or too slow?  How to know the perfect pace for schooling your child

  •  How to get any child to read and love it!

  •  Tricks to homeschool Anyone in Any Situation:  Single parents, onlies, and multiple children on multiple grade levels

  •  How to prepare for or avoid the unexpected inconveniences of homeschooling

  •  Avoiding the Traditional School Trap:  How to break free and explore the wilderness of exciting knowledge

  •  Secret tips no one thinks of that free your time for stress-free school time

  •  Do you know these social behaviors missed by homeschoolers?

  •  How to incorporate proper physcial fittness so your child isn't left in the dust at the playground

  •  How to know if your child is learning what they need to know

  •  How to discover your child's unique abilities

  •  How to set up your homeschool area without creating a war zone

  •  It's not about the money, to homeschool without starving

  •  Simple ways to think ahead and make sure your child can get into college

  • Why you can confidently homeschool when you lack confidence in your own education

  • How to school your Preschool Child without stressing over preschool lesson plan


From the first moment, you'll be enjoying the close bond developing with your child when you have the How to Survive Your First Two Years of Homeschool knowledge system of cassettes, small booklets, homeschool resources, and all the benefits listed above put in an easy, effortless, immediately-benefit format for only $99.95. 

And TRUST me.  I don’t need your money.   I’m only doing this because I want to help.  I make more than enough money from my professional service business to send my kids to the most exclusive school if I wanted to.

But I don’t want to and never did.  And since I’ve already gone through it all, I’ve followed my business instincts and put it in a system just like my technician manual or my receptionist manual that allows someone to start working for me without even needing someone to train them.

So, What About You?

Take it or leave it.  It’s totally up to you.

I can’t and don’t even want to make that decision for you. 

All I can do is provide a tool and you’ll have to decide how much you’re willing to spend in time and energy.  And here’s how you do that. 

What’s an hour of your time worth?  How many hours do you think you’ll need? 

$/hour x hours you need = your cost to graduate the school of hard knocks.

So, how much did you come up with?  Maybe the number's too big to even consider?  Not much compared to the measly $99.95 I’m asking to hand it all over to you, is it? 

But that’s not all!

I know that those of you who’ll snatch this How to Survive Your First Two Years of Homeschool knowledge system take homeschooling seriously.  I know that you’ll settle for nothing but the absolute best for you and your child.

That’s why you’ll love having the series of Inspirational Monthly Interviews with Successful Homeschoolers and Professionals that will keep you in tip-top mental shape, full of new ideas and innovations to make sure your child gets the fullest benefit from homeschooling.

And when you grab your How to Survive Your First Two Years of Homeschool knowledge system right now, by clicking on the order button below, you’ll automatically get one of these inspirational tapes per month for only $19.95.

Nothing additional for you to do.  Just pop it in your player when it arrives.

Plus, (only if you place your order now) I'll give you auto-delivery shipping absolutely FREE.

And hey, since I really want you to love homeschool, I’ll even throw in another bonus:  3 FREE fax-in consultation certificates--a value of $99How could you possibly lose?

Simply click the button below to order online and your problems will be solved.










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