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___ Yes Laura, I'm really excited about this opportunity to teach and have fun with my kids.  I want to be sure and get the maximum benefit from your recipes and lesson plans.  I don't want to do anything half way.  

     So, please send me the Homeschool Cooking For Kids System in a Box  for only $59.95 (plus S&H for 7.6 lbs) and be sure to enclose my 5 FREE Bonuses: 

  • my special report "21 Ways to Share Cooking Joy Around You"
  • my special report "How to Teach Your Child to Be an Entrepreneur"
  • my Free book on CD "Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates"
  • my FREE kids mini-play
  • 2 FREE Months membership in the exclusive Kids Recipe Club* where I'll get access to the complete recipe archives plus get 4 new recipes each month (with the step-by-step photos).  I may cancel this membership during my free 2 months or anytime thereafter, hassle-free, through my personal account access.

     Altogether, I'm getting $194.60 value for only $59.95,  so I'm psyched!  

(Additional Utensil Sets Available at Checkout)

___ Yes, Laura,  Send me the best-selling Homeschool Cooking  for Kids System in a Box  for only $59.95 (plus S&H for 7.6 lbs), along with my Free Bonuses.   I understand that this book has recipes with vocabulary and lesson plans and step-by-step photos and instructions for early readers; however, I'm declining the Free 2 months of the Kids Recipe Club


___ Yes, Laura, Send me the Homeschool Cooking For Kids System on Computer CD for only $29.95 (plus S&H for .5 lb), along with my 5 FREE Bonuses (one of which is the 2 free month of the Kids Recipe Club*).  I understand that this CD will have the  recipes with vocabulary and lesson plans and step-by-step full color photos and instructions for early readers.




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*To keep you updated with fresh materials, Laura will continue to give you 4 completely new recipes of the month at the member discounted price of just $9.95 per month (regularly sold $29.95 + $9.95/month)