Monday, July 26, 2023

Salt in Kids Cooking

When I was a kid, I can remember eating dinner at my Grandpa's house.  He absolutely loved green onions and radishes, and I don't think I can remember a time that he was without one or the other at the table.

My grandmother has this neat tiny glass bowl.  Actually, it looked like a miniature bird bath.  It had a sculpted pedastal and scalloped edges, and it held salt.  My grandpa would dip his radish or his onion in the salt, take a bite, then dip again.

However, my Mom pretty much cooked without adding salt, so dipping directly in salt is a little too much for me.  In fact, I still cook mostly without salt - or just a tiny bit.  I never use all that is called for in a recipe.

I don't salt my food at the table.

My kids don't salt their food either.

We've established early on the habit of not adding salt to our food.  And it's a good habit to have. 

The primary purpose of salt in our home is for the making of play dough :-).

So, even if you are a heavy salter...your kids don't have to be.  Cook their food without salt.  If they're young, they'll never know the difference.  If they're older, they'll adjust pretty quickly.

So, start the cut back now - take your container of salt and have your kids think it's primary purpose is to make play dough!

Laura Bankston

P.S.  It's never to late to cut back on salt, and it's especially great if your kids can grow up without all the un-needed extra salt.  Use the "Cooking with Kids in a Box" to show them that salt is best used for Play Dough and how they can cook without adding the salt!

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