Wednesday, May 03, 2023

This afternoon the kids and I are here at the office working. I'm just sitting up here at my desk, and not really paying much attention to what they kids are doing - other than that they are in the downstairs bay area playing nicely.

So, Nathan hollers up to me and tells me what's going on:

"Hey, Mom", he yells.

"Yep?" I answer.

"You know what we are doing? We are playing store. I'm making books and Maegan is coming to buy them with the play money."

"Oh." I said, it sounded like fun.

"well" he continues, "She told me that she wanted a book and I made it for her for $10. Then she told me she wanted it striaght. So, I told her it'd be another $10 for that."

I'm thinking to myself that the pricing is rather odd, but whatever.

Then, he proudly adds, "And she paid it! It's fun to be the boss!"

I'm glad that they can have fun with something that's practical and educational like buying and selling - plus getting a little bit of business skills too :-) .

It's nice that kids can play games and have fun to learn practical skills. I hope your kids get plenty of opportunities to do that too!

Happy Homeschooling!

Laura Bankston

P.S. If your kids need some fun and practical experience in the area of cooking, hop on over to and let them get in on that fun too!

Hey, they can even play store with what they make!

Laura Bankston is author of Internationally selling Cooking with Kids Curriculum: Homeschool Cooking in a Box and the Homeschool Cookbook. She currently home schools her three children, maintains home school support websites, and manages their family-owned service business. For information on her curriculum and free home school support services, please visit homeschoolcookbook

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