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Laura Bankston's Daily Tip: 

Today's Topic:  Weekly Q&A


"God Gives Wings As Eagles"

This morning, on the way to church, I got to see one of my absolute favorite things: two bald eagles soaring up over the streets. 

Alaska is full of bald eagles, and we even get to see them in the city every once in a while.

They're hard to spot.  They fly so high.


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But when you see them, you can't mistake it.  They seem to float on the air, hardly ever needing to flap their wings.  Circling around and catching an updraft of air to circle some more.

I probably wouldn't even have seen them if we hadn't been at a stop light.

And as I sat their watching them, I could only think of two things:


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June 2004 Winner Vicky Flowers, Anchorage, AK


1.  The Bible Verse:  Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

2.  The song by Ron Hamilton:  "God Gives Wings as Eagles".  Actually, that song is still going over and over in my head and has since the drive to church this morning.


What empowerment to know that God gives strength to soar like an eagle - high, majestic, almost effortlessly.


Now on to this weeks Q&A:

Hi, I'm trying to get DH on board with hs. He has a question. Is it best to start off at hs from kindergarten or should the kids go to school until problems arise??? thanks Cyndi in SK

L.B.  Cyndi, I think that you need to back up before you discuss the age best to start homeschooling.  I think the key is why you want to homeschool and the pros and cons for your family.  When you discuss and agree on the key reason why you would want to homeschool, the issue of when to start will answer itself.  You might find these articles helpful:  Homeschool Parents:  Partners or Opponents  and 54 Reasons Why Families Choose to Homeschool

Dear Laura,

Here's a cute one for you.

My son, who's 5 years old, has a best friend who is only 4 . . . and is a girl.  They always play so nicely together.  He treats her with such respect in his 5 year old way.  They talk to each other about lots of things, you know, important things like how much fun it is to catch fireflies, why cupcakes are great.  On the flip side, he has an older sister and is usually testy with her. 

I asked my son one day why he's so nice to his friend and not so nice to his sister?  His answer?  "Mommy, Kara's a girl, Amanda is only my sister."

That explained it all!           Haha!

I could write a little book on these two!  They plan on getting married and having children . . . and homeschooling them!  So I guess this will be a long courtship! :)


L.B.  Chrissy, that is so cute.  I love the logic of little children.  Sometimes as adults, we try to complicate things too much!  And hey, I met my husband on the school bus in 8th grade, so I appreciate a long courtship!  We're having our 15th year anniversary in August!  Thanks for sharing. 



I am in agreement with you about the trash on tv. I have been strict with my children and the tv set for years. Family would make fun of me , because I wouldn't let our children watch certain cartoons as well as other tv shows. But, my husband and I have to raise our children according to the way God leads us. Well I have great news, we have 2 children 16 & 12. They seen the commercial of that yuck, on ABC, and they told me " Mom, we are not to watch that show it is gross". If we are faithful to the LORD He is more than faithful to us. GOD BLESS YOU!!! Sandy Insco

L.B.  Sandy, thank goodness you were able to take a stand - even against your family, which is often the most difficult not to give in to.  It never ceases to amaze me that someone would give you a hard time from protecting your own children.  That's what you're supposed to do!  You should be getting a hard time if you're not safe-guarding you children!

Dear Laura,
      I agree with you that the concept of a good Godly relation ship is not much value to most people today.
      God gave us a love that is forever unconditionally. He loves us even when we make mistakes and he stands by us forgiving us and moving on with us and us with him.
      Now days the kisker that makes me sick also is the same sex marriages that they are passing little by little every day. How sick. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I have told my children and now my grand children of the meaning of love. Real Love is not always being happy. sometimes we will feel very blue as we and our mates are unalike and do not and will not always see eye to eye or understand each other.
            Nut we give and we take from each other building even a deeper longer lasting life. Sometimes we make silly mistakes but we are only HUMAN and HUMANS makes mistakes. anyone that says they don't is making one there. Cause you and I know that everyone doses.
            I tell my children that you follow your heart and it will lead you to your true love and god will be there also and it will work if you know that he is the right man.
make sure that you both agree to disagree and  always listen to the others heart talks and hold hands while you talk. Pray as the other one talk that God will give you wisdom and understanding that he has for us. You will find that understanding and forgiveness if that is needed also. Many of our talks where while we where making cookies ,baking something or just cooking. even popping popcorn for a fun night of family togetherness.
            God bless you and those who believe in that Love forever and family togetherness.

L.B.  Alberta, thanks for your e-mail.  I couldn't agree with you more!  And, that's why we are able to have our 15th anniversary this year because sometimes you have to choose to love - if you only rely on "feelings", you're not going to last. 

I too believe that same sex marriages is a slap in the face to the very institution and is tearing up the Christian foundation of this great Nation of ours.

I hope that the passing of President Reagan will remind people of values and taking a stand.

Enjoy your time cooking with your kids - that is such a time of bonding and allows for good, easy conversation.


Well, that's all the Q&A for this week.  Actually, I guess I choose more comments to this week's articles than questions.

I did a lot of watching of President Reagan's funeral and biographies of his life.  In fact, I was so moved by some of the principles that I saw that we will be covering one for each day next week.


Laura Bankston

P.S. Like Alberta, who's comments are above, families can use cooking as a time for open communication.  Start now with your Cookbook right here.




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