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Homeschool Q&A #062304


Today we'll just address some Q&A and comments from the ever-bulging mailbag :-)


Just returned from the SBC Convention.

The resolution as presented did not include anything about schooling. However, an amendment was attempted that would have encouraged parents to home-school or Christian school their children. After much spirited debate, the amendment failed. You can probably find a copy of resolution #2 on the SBC Annual Meeting website.


L.B.  Trena, thanks so much for passing on that information as I was wondering what became of that.  It was quite a hot topic when I first e-mailed about it.  If you weren't on the list then, you can read about it here:

Thank goodness that people among your own denomination realized that although homeschooling is a wonderful thing, it would be wrong to have a religious organization mandate - or indicate it is the only ethical decision to make - when the responsibility for child education is given by God to the parents.  The decision is between God and the parent - whether they decide to homeschool or whatever.

I'll need to visit the site and read about it.


Dear Laura

I was reading your article about cutting boards and I was wondering about stone boards like marble and  about cleaning them. thank you for your info. and time.   Natalia. Anch. AK.


L.B.  Hi Natalia!  Nice to hear from a fellow Alaskan :-).  You know, I think it depends on what type of marble or stone you have, because I think that some of them are porous.  I knew this lady who had a marble countertop in her kitchen, and I thought it was really cool - until she wiped it off.  The area where she had used the moist cloth turned a different color because it held the moisture.  That definitely wouldn't be good.

But, the USDA website considers marble "non-porous" along with plastic, marble, tempered glass, and pyroceramic. 

And the washing instructions for a marble cutting board are the same for all cutting boards.  You can review those instructions here:



I am a website copywriter and designer. I am not self-employed yet,

but have an idea to be. I once heard a sermon in which the rabbi

told us how, as an adult, he decided to quit his full-time work in

order to get his Master's and Ph.D degrees. He did work by

advertising himself as a "handiman" and charged "whatever you think

is fair." He said he was surprised at how generous people were!

(Although some did take advantage.)

I was thinking of this the other day. With so many different

pricings on the 'net for web design, and since I have more

experience writing vs. actual designing, I was thinking of starting

to do this on the side and asking for a "fair price." Basically, a

you decide what you think is fair.

What do you think? Daisy




L.B.  To be totally honest and blunt, I think that it would be the BIGGEST mistake in the world to do that.  If you want to do charity work, that's great.  We do work for free for charity with our family owned carpet cleaning business.  But to base a business on "pay me what you think I'm worth" makes no sense.  Obviously, you have no idea what "entrepreneur" means and how it works.

I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years.   I have lots of experience in this area.

I have paid $10,000 to be in a group for 1 year, that meets only 4 times and I have to pay for airfare, hotel, food, and car on top of that. 

You will think I'm insane.  But that's because you don't know the difference between "price" and "value".  Price is what you pay; value is what you get.

I pay my $10,000 a year (and this is my 3rd year); and I end up making an extra $30,000-$40,000 a year in our carpet cleaning business.  I'm willing to pay that kind of money because of the value I get in return.

Anyone, and I say ANYONE, who understands this principal of value and price would NEVER use someone who said "pay me what you think I'm worth" for several reasons.  But here's three:

  1. it indicates a problem with self esteem
  2. they will think there is no value in your service if you don't have something which you feel you can charge a price.
  3. they know from experience that a high price in combination with a money-back guarantee means that person can deliver something of value far in excess of what is being charged

The way you run a business is decide on the service, what you will provide, and what value you will give.  You deserve to be paid well for your unique talent like everyone else.

Do what you're suggesting, and you'll only attract people who have no concept of the principal of price vs. value.  People who understand the principal will never use you; and people who don't understand that principal will use you but pay you diddley-squat. 

I'm gonna end with that.

Till next time,

Laura Bankston

P.S.  If you understand the concept of price vs. value, then why haven't you gotten your homeschool cooking in a box?  If it wasn't all that I say it is, then I'd be broke and out of business.  Instead I'm getting referrals and international sales.  That says it all.  Click Here



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