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Homeschool Q&A #060304


Hi. If you missed the article on how the average American shovels the equivalent of 20 teaspoons of sugar in their mouth, you can still read it at:

Now, right on to some Q&A:

Laura, I want to home school my 12 year old daughter. what to I need to do step by step do start this process? I can't get answers from anyone. Do I just buy books and pull her out of school do I go to the school board or what? I really need advice.

L.B.: Well, I can definitely give you some advice; but I'd need some more information to point you in the right direction. Depending on your state, the guidelines you need might already be at . If not, let me know.

Now, as far as what to do step-by-step, there are many schools of thought on that. Some go with formally structured curriculum, some only follow what direction they get from the interests of their children. Some participate in public school structured charters, and some go totally on their own. Before you start deciding what to do, you need to sit down and right down these things:

1. Why you want to homeschool
2. The pros and cons for your homeschooling
3. What goal do you want to have reached at the end of homeschooling

When you have a clearly defined direction, then your choices are greatly narrowed; and it won't seem so overwhelming to you. And if you are starting out at the beginning or your child's education, there's always help for you at: along with a variety of free articles for you to read.

Hello Laura, I have been out of school for quite a while, I am 35 years old and I am studying to take my real estate exam. I having a really hard time with the math and need to know how to figure out math word problem such as this:

A $5,000 note is to be paid off at the end of 12 months. It bears an interest rate of 6% per annum and is purchased by an investor for $4,500. What is the percentage of return on the principal dollar invested.

They explain that many of the calculations necessary to determine facts about a real estate transaction can be expressed by the following formula: A = B x C. In addition, the formula for the above example is: A (the yield or return) = B (the amount invested) x C (The rate of return).

I can't seem to find anyone to help me with this and I am hoping you can help me, I am very frustrated. If you cannot help me, I would appreciate it if you could provide any suggestions where I should go. I am at a very general math level. Thank you very much. Shana

L.B.: Hi, Shana. As my husband would tell you....Math is not my area of expertise either. Although I was assistant vice president of a mortgage company for several years, I could not function without my calculator and the formulas we used. I would recommend that you visit the real estate association sites for direction for help or to visit  for links to free math help resources. Very good luck to you on passing your exam. I heard that it's really hard and commend you for taking this step!

Dear laura, hope you have a good fishing trip.Me i have went to school all week, and i am going to have a nice quit weekend at home with my husband and clean my house.We are trying to install microsoft 2001and it downloaded every program but word. It keeps saying enter the product code and we don't know what else to do.Well hope you have a good trip. Lisa

L.B.: Okay, Lisa, I know it's not really a question; buy hey, I appreciate your warm wishes. And, let me tell you - I know what kind of day that you're talking about. I had one of those not too long ago. I hope that you got your installation problems worked out and were able to set it aside to have a superb weekend!

Well, for that matter, I hope you had an awesome weekend too. I didn't go on the actual fishing excursion; the kids and I planted flowers and then they took off with Dad for that. I should have gone, though, because they just went to a little lake and he spent all three hours just untangling their little fish lines :-).

Until next time,

Laura Bankston

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