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The Ultimate List of Best Math Books for Middle School

Middle school is a crucial formative stage for students to gain basic mathematical concepts that support the understanding of concepts in advanced levels of mathematics. As such, students require the best resources for middle school to study critical concepts in a manner that best appeals to their interests.

It is thus crucial that teachers get fun math books for middle school to ensure an exciting and pleasurable study experience for their students. Read on for some suggestions on the best math books for middle school and the criteria to guide your selection of maths resources. 

How can I find math books for middle school?

Finding a math book may at first seem like an easy task. However, although the market brims with math books for middle school, not every book fits the bill for a good book for middle schoolers. 

Some of the key factors to consider when selecting a textbook for middle school math include:

  1. Scope and sequence

Before selecting a middle school math book, ensure that it adheres to the objectives outlined in the curriculum and that it can be divided into sections that build upon each other running from general to specific concepts.

Ideally, the book should follow the order of your recommended coursebook and offer multiple aids to build on the ideas your middle schooler will encounter in the course of study. 

  1. Content accuracy

The best middle school math books should contain factual information free of fallacies and representations that could mislead your learner. It would be best to err on the side of caution and settle for books that have undergone review by experts and gained accreditation by curriculum experts as a teaching resource. 

  1. Instructional design

A good math book for middle schoolers should include elements that induce learner engagement and stimulate a learner’s concentration. The book should also comprise illustrations that break down complex ideas into simplified bits. 

  1. Text clarity

Learning resources for middle schoolers should be easy to read and structured logically. The text should include simple examples that students can solve and illustrations that help them make mental images of various ideas.

  1. Child's age and maturity

Preferably, settle for a book that suits your learner’s interest and maturity. The resources should include suitable characters and illustrations that meet their interests. Avoid text without various aids as it can be tedious for your learners to follow and boring.

  1. Level of difficulty

The exercises in middle school textbooks should be within a learner’s capacity and straightforwardly test the learned concepts. 

Great math books for middle school

Although multiple resources are at your disposal, picking the first book to cross your sight is not a great approach for selecting math books for middle school. Some of the books to consider in your middle school math books shopping list include: 

Math books for 7th graders

Math books for middle school

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