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Classical Christian Homeschool Curricula
The Christian homeschool programs offered by Covenant Home Curriculum provide families with sound textual material on the classical approach to education. Full-service programs are offered for children from Pre-Kindergarten through the Twelfth grade. Parents are now able to reclaim their biblically-based right and responsibility to educate their children in a Christian environment. Find out more about how our Christian homeschool curriculum can help you educate your children!
Kindergarten Lesson Plans
Now there is help in teaching your child to read by using Covenant Home Curriculum. Our Day-by-Day Kindergarten lesson plans offer you a well-organized strategy by which you can teach kindergarten aged children to read. Our kindergarten lesson plans include reading, phonics, poetry, penmanship, math and Bible. Find out more about our Kindergarten lesson plans or view a flash presentation.
Phonics Lesson Plans
Covenant Home Curriculum also offers proven phonics lesson plans to help teach your child to read. Our step-by-step process makes a daunting task enjoyable and manageable. The phonics lesson plans provide you with a phonics schedule to help you accomplish your reading lessons. Find out more information about our phonics lessons plans and how they can help you in your homeschooling effort.


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