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"Go Phonics® is a phonics program with K-2 language arts for teaching beginning reading skills. It's an Orton Gillingham compatible reading and spelling program for systematic, multi-sensory phonics instruction. USES: It's used as a home school K-2 reading curriculum, a classroom phonics curriculum, a transition reading program by teachers, tutors, and parents, a reading teacher resource for remedial reading, and for special education (an effective dyslexia reading program for struggling beginning readers of all ages).

This comprehensive program includes: phonemic awareness, reading (decoding), handwriting, spelling (encoding), grammar, punctuation, comprehension, fluency, and more."

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Laura Bankston said...

This system was the first that I tried for my son who has dyslexia.

It has several great features:
1. black and white pages
2. fun games
3. systematic rule making

But, it does fall short for what my son needs. The pages are white - which is the most difficult for children with dyslexia & the worksheet pages seem overwhelming to him.

I do think this is a great program for someone who is a tactile learner and/or who gets distracted by color.

7:19 PM  

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