Friday, August 27, 2023

A Picnic With White Snuit

Before this morning’s Q&A;, I just wanted to share with you a special moment from this morning. It’s a good reminder of the wonderful, simple joys of being home to enjoy your children.

Maegan came up to me this morning with her little Snow White book and wanted me to read it to her.

It’s a short, simple book, so it only took me a few minutes.

We followed Snow White through the forest, picking berries, and having a picnic at the end.
Maegan was pointing to all the picnic items and telling me what they were. And, when she was done, she said, “I want to have a picnic with White Snuit.”

That just tickled me. I don’t know how many times I read the words “Snow White” and how many times she’s heard that story.

But, since she calls her snow suit a “snow snuit”, I guess “White Snuit” was just a natural deviation.

Do you remember any cute sayings your kids did – or maybe still have? I just love them. There’s nothing more delightful or more precious.

Now, on to some Q&A:
Laura, I am looking for big and simple pictures for my little child 3 years. Thank you. Celinda

L.B.: Celinda, I have a lot of preschool ages coloring pictures at one of my web sites:

Free Kids Coloring Pages

Also, don’t forget about the free coloring contest and drawing contest so your kids can win 100 Chuck E Cheese tokens!! The deadline is coming up, so don’t miss out:

Kids Coloring Contest

Kids Drawing Contest

Laura, I’m considering Homeschooling for my 4 year old, pre-K. I prefer that my children are at home so I know what they are being taught. I also feel that they will learn better with one on one attention. Picked on heavily for being the nice girl in class. Dawn

L.B.: Dawn, I totally understand! I don’t want people I hardly know anything about teaching my children things I don’t know about. You know, every person’s world view is expressed through their ideas and actions. No matter how “neutral” they say they are, they can’t keep it out of their thoughts, words, and actions. Your wise to so carefully guard what will be put into your young child’s mind.

About being picked on for the nice girl in class, I’m not sure if that is for you or another child, or preschool, or what. Anyway, it’s a sad thing when children are teased at a young age. They are not emotionally prepared to handle it.

Just yesterday, I was working with my son on the “l” sound that he still makes the “w” sound – like “wight” for light. We were actually working on the word “lightning” since we had a thunder storm, and I heard “wightning” about 30 times.

So, anyway, we practiced the sound and the word and some other “l” words. I told him that I was going to start helping him by stopping him and having him repeat the “l” words the right way – he does the “w” sound mostly out of habit now than the inability to pronounce it.

But, when I was done telling him the plan, I told him that I promised never to do that in front of other people.

He stood there thinking for a few seconds and said, “why – will it make them feel bad?”

I forget that unlike myself, Ryan hasn’t been teased. Even at 6 years old, he’s not worried about what others think. He’s secure about who he is. And I feel really good about that.

Dear Laura, I tried to register for the free tele-seminar and got an error message so I'm not sure what the problem was and I 'm not sure I'm registered. Thanks, Karen

L.B.: Karen, there was a problem the first day with the registration form, but that has been fixed. In fact, we had a ton of registrations yesterday – so if you haven’t already, head back over there before it’s full. I can’t say “sold out” since it’s FREE – but we can only have as many guests as lines that I have reserved. Here’s the link if you need it:

Thanks! And, have a great day – and enjoy those kids!!!

Laura Bankston


“Hi Laura: Well, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO LAURA AND WADE!!!!!!!!!!! We just celebrated our 15th Anniversary this past July 22nd. My husband, Kenny, and I have known each other since we were four years old, and now we've both just turned 40 this year. Little did we both know back when we were teasing each other, etc., that we would wind up spending the rest of our lives together (here on earth and in eternity). ISN'T GOD JUST SO AWESOME!!!! He has planned our lives so far ahead of time! So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! Be Blessed Today, Denise Graham”

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! I like to tell my husband that the years I have been married to him have been the happiest of my life! And it's true! I'm very happy to hear your wonderful news. Melanie”

“Congratulations! I celebrated my 10th anniversary this year with my sweetheart, and I feel the same way. We met in high school and he used to send me cards "To my Wife-to-be." I love him so and desire no other. I just saw a movie last night (a rare thing), "The Notebook" with some girlfriends and cried and cried (perhaps also because I ma 9 months pregnant). It was a sweet story of a true first love. I don't think any movie can be whole-heartily recommended nowadays, as there is always some inappropriate scene(s), but I related to the love the couple felt all these years. You may enjoy it too. So happy for you and your true love! Kristine”

“Dearest Laura, Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary! Have another wonderful 15 years! And 15 more after that . . . and after that . . . and after that, etc! Lord be with you both! And your family! Enjoy our Lord as you continue to glorify Him, Chrissy”

"You know, you'd think someone home schooling their own kids would have better grammar and spelling. Ms. Stephan"

“Laura- Thank you for those encouraging words. I have a little story for you. Our youngest, Corinne, has a small hole in her heart. The doctors were uncertain for a few weeks whether or not she would require open heart surgery. On August 12, they repeated the test. She will not require open heart surgery at this point and will be reevaluted when she turns 3 or 4. So we will definitely celebrate August 12th with you. Congratulations on your anniversary! God is so great! Kara”


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