Wednesday, September 06, 2023

What a Child Can Learn From One Experience

I found it under my door this morning.

You see, I decided to start poetry this year and we've been memorizing "The Village Blacksmith" or something like that. I was surprised that after a few readings, he seemed to enjoy it.

Anyway, I got up early to work this morning before the kids got up, and found this under my door:

"My Hamster"
I have a hamster
He is black and white
Running in his hamster wheel
He keeps me up all night.
He runs around in his cage
And will not let me measure his height.

When I try to grab him
He will have a fit
And when I catch him
My thumb he bit
If he does that one more time
His thumb I will hit.

I have a yellow fluffing
He puts it in his house.
He stuffs it all in there
As if he was a mouse.
And when I clean his cage
It stink up my house.

He has a hamster ball
He likes to run in it
But when I take him out
He has another fit
And when I finally get him in
His appetite is a bottomless pit.

All over again
Just like feeding him
I do not know if it is a male
All that I know is he's ben through

I hope you enjoyed that! To be honest, without having been told about meter or anything, he didn't do too bad - but then, I'm his mom :-).

Hope this brought a little sunshine to your homeschool day! If you'd like to have a little sunshine cooking with your kids, skip on over to

Have a great one!


P.S. Your child's learning comes at the most surprising times -and with such humor. Read the poem above, then skip over to to see what your child comes up with!
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