Christian Light Education

The CLE curriculum includes a variety of materials that are used in classroom schools, learning centers, home study, adult study, and in supplemental ways with other programs. One of the distinctive features of the CLE curriculum is the emphasis on conceptual learning.  Students are guided to analyze related facts and draw proper conclusions from their study.


Ramonda said...

I just started use Christian Light Education's English light units for my 5th grader. I like it a lot, it is simple and complete. My son is doing well and enjoys the books. I am very glad I bought it.

2:18 AM  
mtmom said...

Our family has been using Christian Light for three years after many years of looking for the right curriculum. CLE's new Sunrise Editions are designed so you know that nothing is being missed. They are easy to implement. The children can basically teach themselves with the parent there to help, add some ideas, and of course to make sure the work is being completed. The publisher made sure to add other bits of information along the way (not necessarily on the subject being done) to add interest to the work. The material is presented in a spiral approach so the children are getting a review of information they have learned previously in little, unintrusive ways. Very well done indeed.

5:09 PM  
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