The Calvert curriculum is structured, with subsequent lessons building on the foundation of those preceding them. Learning is reinforced through integration.


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When I started homeschooling my oldest child two years ago I bought a boxed curriculum through Calvert. You can check them out at http://home.calvertschool.org/hs/homeschool_title/ if you’re interested.

Like you, I didn’t know where to begin. My dd is a really smart, enthusiastic kid, but reads and writes way below level. While I knew that she was not where she should be in those areas, I didn’t really know what a child her age was expected to know. Calvert offers testing (free) so you have a better idea which curriculum to purchase, and there are wonderful counselors available to answer questions.

Calvert includes a lesson manual in their box that tells you what to teach, when. They have every school day laid out for you and explanations for all the assignments. There are tests included for every 20th lesson. If you don’t understand how to teach a concept you can call the counselors for help. I’ve called them more times than I can count and they’ve always been helpful and courteous.

One disadvantage with Calvert, however, is that…with the exception of math… you can’t make substitutions in the curriculum. You can only buy one complete grade. You can’t get…say… 4th grade geography, 5th grade science, and 3rd grade reading and writing. So that kind of stinks, but I found that it was easy to supplement what I needed to with things from the library. Calvert really lays things out well. I think it’s wonderful for a first year homeschooler.


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I used Cearalvert for one y

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My son did Calvert for a year and loved it. Actually, the next year we did ABEKA and he continually asked to go back to Calvert. I really like the teaching methods they use. The music, poems, classical stories...all of it makes learning fun. This year, we will use Calvert again.

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We use Calvert. We've used 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th for our two boys. I feel confident that it is tops i academics, rigorous, tough. That is what we want incase the boys go to high school. I like the lesson plan and we use the ATS, advisory teacher service which costs extra.

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The Calvert Math is one of the best math books I know. First of all, it keeps the child interested with a variety and color. Note: All of my Calvert curriculum/advisory teaching help was free when I signed up to OHDELA, or Ohio Distance Learning. It's like having a homeschool with a public school input. I have since gotten out of it, but I want to order their math. I may ask a teacher to order it for me so I can get it for a discount.

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