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"high quality mathematics instruction on videotape to homeschooled students and a variety of other users.... Supporting the effective learning process for the student remains the primary focus in making decisions concerning Chalk Dust product development. We feel that the combination of quality videotape instruction, understandable textbook examples, a solutions guide with step-by-step solutions to problems in the text, and personal help when needed via telephone or the internet, provide the most comprehensive and effective distance-learning environment. "


Anonymous said...

A problem with the final. The book itself skipps from page 392 to 563 (the final examination). I am referring to the Basic Math book. The final also referrs to a chapter 10 when the book only has 9 chapters. The Answerbook also has only 9 chapters as well as no answers to the final. I have contacted the Summit Christian Academy in reference to this - what to do now that my son is trying to take his final- to no avail. this is why i am posting here because there is no "contact us" point on the home page for Chalk Dust Company.

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