A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education)

From the Publisher's Website:

"Since 1970 Accelerated Christian Education has published individualized curriculum and provided training in its implementation for grades K-12. Students are tested diagnostically upon entering schools or home schools using the program. Students are then placed in the curriculum in each subject at their own performance levels determined by the results of the diagnostic tests.The unique format of the curriculum allows students to advance from unit to unit as they demonstrate mastery. Students move independently through the curriculum under the supervision of instructors who provide tutoring at the optimum moment of learning.Accelerated Christian Education is more than quality academics. The curriculum is built on a theistic philosophic foundation. Students learn to see life from God's point of view. Their personal relationship with God and their personal responsibilities to family, church, and community are of primary concern.Each year, Accelerated Christian Education hosts exciting national and international conferences, seminars, and conventions for educators, parents, and students. These events provide opportunities for practical application, leadership, and training."


Anonymous said...

We have used ACE for 3 years now with our oldest son and love it. The information is well put together, PACE's are easy to follow. We really enjoy the program.

I hope you are able to try it out. Blessings.


11:33 AM  
blah-ger said...

Becasue I found A.C.E this fall, I finally made the jump into homeschooling my 11 year old son.
Before A.C.E. I never saw homeschooling as possible, I just never knew it could be this simple and straight forward. A.C.E. leaves me feeling like the basics are well covered and I can just add what I like through the year. I have heard only positive abuot A.C.E. and we are loving homeschooling!!

5:48 PM  
Emily said...

We just started homeschooling with ACE at the end of August. I have a 5 and an almost 4 year old that I'm doing the kindergarten with Ace and Christy. They seem to love it so far! I graduated from an ACE school, and thought this would be good curriculum to use since I know it so well. I think it's a well put together program, though I have to say those phonics songs do get stuck in my head! :)

God bless!

10:51 AM  
Kysha said...

I am homeschooling all four of my sons this year on A.C.E. through a homeschool program and we love them. They had been in an A.C.E./A BEKA private school for the past two years then returned to public school only to be removed after a couple of months. My oldest son was diagnosed with a learning disability in Reading and Math. The paces are wonderful for this though we do supplement with extra reading/writing assignments and book reports.

8:05 PM  
Shirley R. Anderson said...

Late 70's/early 80's I used ACE for our school (& since used it with Russian students) and I believe I purchased a through-the-Bible filmstrips/filmstrip projector through ACE. I now do Good News Clubs in the public schools and there is a lack of info about Bible chronology. Would something similar to what I used many years ago be availble on DVD?

1:19 PM  

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