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"Brighter Vision LEARNING ADVENTURES is a program designed by early childhood educators to help parents help their children develop a love of learning. Each month a shipment of fun-filled educational materials is delivered conveniently to the home. Each shipment contains a variety of activities designed to teach children essential early school skills and to develop the self-confidence that leads to a love of learning and a successful school experience."


Anonymous said...

I used brighter vision learning with my son ever since he was 2 years old. He always loved it, but lately he would rather do other things. I dont know how to gt him into learning again. (I think it might be
spring fever.)

5:46 PM  
Anonymous said...

I wasn't all that fond of what I was sent by Brighter Vision. My ds does love the board book, but otherwise..... I got the one year old program for him (he's now 18 months), and at this age, it's a waste of money.

7:31 AM  
Karin Katherine said...

My children only enjoy the stickers and placing them in the book. I have not felt that this is a very good learning tool but maybe a "busy box" of something new each month. I agree that its a waste of money if it is your primary source for a curriculum.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous said...

I have a 6 year old that reads at a high school and some college level...I started out with the learning adventure and I really enjoyed it especially the fun craft that came every month...the company offers different levels so find out about the next level up...I like it because it covers a little bit of everything and now that my daughter really doesn't need them I still get them in hopes of sharing them with another family with a child in public school that might want to homeschool...once their child falls in love with this it usually makes the parents choice much easier.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous said...

I don't know what your daughter's reading level has to do with your review, but thanks for sharing.

7:58 AM  
Noreen said...

I started using this program for my daughter @ 2-years old. She enjoyed getting her "own" mail and the activities that were included.
She is now 6-years old and on a 2nd. grade curriculum. I attribute that to my parental involvement and Brighter Vision products. For me the price couldn't be beat for the materials I received! Noreen Reyes

7:32 AM  
Anonymous said...

I bought these books years ago and never seemed to find the time to do these with my older kids. I found them in a box a few weeks ago and my 3 yr. old loves them! He wants to do a book a day and not a book a month so I am searching eBay for lots of them! He learned about seasons, shapes, colors, numbers and so much more! He loves learning the songs and doing the crafts too. He gets so excited to show off his new found knowledge to his grandparents and gives them the crafts he makes so they can display them. He begs me to do his workbooks all the time. I really think these have given him a great headstart with learning and makes him enjoy it. I do wish you could order more than 1 set each month and the price was a little lower. Other than that...I give them 2 thumbs WAY UP!

10:58 AM  

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