Barton Reading & Spelling System

"The Barton Reading & Spelling System
is a one-on-one tutoring system
that will greatly improve the
spelling, reading, and writing skills
of children, teenagers or adults
who struggle due to dyslexia
or a learning disability.

You can change their entire future
by teaching them to read, write, and spell.
Let us show you how."

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Laura Bankston said...

This system I found when doing research on phonics and reading programs for kids with dyslexia.

I was very intrigued by the information, and ran it by my husband (who is dyslexic). He said it sounded like it would be great for our son.

I got the first level and was amazed at the way he was suddenly able to distinquish sounds like he never had before. He's completed Level 1 and I've already purchased Level 2 & 3.

This system is awesome for those with dyslexia and/or who are extremely tactile learners

7:13 PM  
Laura Bankston said...

I also forgot to put what works so well with this program for my son:

1. Worksheets are on light blue paper - less reflection and easier for those with dyslexia
2. Such phonics on hearing sounds which is crucial in spelling
3. Systematic teaching of rules
4. Imaginative games that fit the dyslexic mind
5. Can be used alone as curriculum or as a tutoring type support for any public school child, homeschooled child, or even an adult who struggles with reading
6. Training classes offered to use the system as a means of employement or to futher education in how to teach your own child

7:23 PM  

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